Necessary Downtime before Mag-10?

Hey gang. Another question to throw at ya. This question may have been answered here before – I apologize for being slightly lazy – but the prospect of wading through those enormous Mag-10 support groups was a little overwhelming. Here’s what I’m wondering: I’m just finishing up a 4-week morning-only Androsol cycle, and I’m about to start a 2-week Tribex and Vitex cycle. What’s the absolute minimum amount of time I should wait after the Tribex and Vitex before beginning 3 consecutive 2-week-on, 2-week-off Mag-10 cycles (with Tribex and M taken during the off weeks)? Due to a bit of bad planning, I’ve got less time to play around with this than I thought. Thanks, Zev

Based on what I’ve seen, after your 2 week cycle of Tribex and M, you can jump right into MAG-10. Honestly, you could probably start right now without much problems as 4-AD is generally non-suppressive. Your choice. I’d wait the 2 weeks to be sure.

Thanks for the reply, duder. I figured two weeks would be good, but I wanted to check out what others thought anyway. As it turns out, I’m actually going to go three. Happy nads! :slight_smile: