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Neccesary Time For Site Rotations?


I'm starting the winny portion of my cycle and what I hear is winny can be tough when injecting into the quad/delt due to swelling.

Winny is the first AAS that I'm going to take ED. What are your thoughts on rotating right and left glutes every day??


You should be rotating a lot more than just your glutes.

Delts, quads, ventro glute, dorsal glute. 8 sites for everyday injections. 6 is also doable if the volume isnt huge.


Thank you.


Don't forget bis and tris. If you are hitting the winny ED I assume you wont be hitting more than 1ml a day in which case a bi or a tri is a terrific choice via a slin pin. If you have never hit arms as a inject site you are missing out. morepain did it best here: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/morepain_on_site_injection_enhancement
When I tried it it was about 3/4 inch of never before territory mostly because I did not use the volume/quantity he did but it worked and the pumps and swelling were more pronounced.


This is great info but from what I hear winny has to be injected with a no smaller than a 23 gauge needle due the thickness, 22 being the recommended.



Never heard that before myself, although it should be noted Im not a winny know it all either. I know winny is made in more different ways than almost anything. oil based vs water based, drinkable, etc. But this idea of needing a 23G or bigger is a new one to me. Im aware from second hand knowledge of guys pinning with 29G slin pins with winny