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Nebraska Football Summer Program

Hey, has anyone here ever used anything from the Nebraska football program to work on their bench, squat and power clean? Or has anyone ever heard of something like this? A couple years ago I remember my high school coach having us do this. Consists of 3x5’s, 3x3’s and some assistance movements. http://www.huskers.com/pdf8/836632.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=100

You kind of posted this in a weird spot. This sub forum is for logging your workouts.

I know a lot of people get off on using ‘D1 training programs’. Having been a part of a college program, I don’t know how efficient it really is for individual goals. It’s really a good way to get organize and ensure that 50+ guys get their workout in. I’m sure others have different thoughts.

Oh my bad. But yes that was the way that I have seen these programs used before but that might be why they are used for classroom settings as they work. But good point.