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Nebraska Football Program



I don't know too much about college football, but I hear they have created some beasts.

Does anyone have the rest of this program, which includes pylos, speed and agility work. Would be good to see.


Your link goes to U of Oregon ice hockey.


Lmfao. Epic Fail.


It says under weight program trainging 2. A workout from the University of Nebraska football program,

Yeah so reading fail.


lmfao. Epic Fail on my Part.


When the header came up as U of Oregon ice hockey I stopped reading. Bite me.


Those are some great exercises for football, personally other than just the sheer pain and intensity of them, cleans don’t find there way into many peoples BB regiment (IMO) But they are great for exploding off the line and getting you legs conditioned for speed


Boyd Epley was their S & C coach for many years (when they were good) and is in the strength and conditioning coach hall of fame.

Here’s his book which should cover everything you’re looking for (it’s pretty good): http://www.amazon.com/Path-Athletic-Power-Conditioning-Program/dp/0736047018/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1255479504&sr=1-1

His website: http://www.boydepley.com/


They had been known as one of the better S&C programs for awhile, their strength and conditioning facility is supposedly massive and one of the best. They probably still are and always were one of the best. Just shows you great strength and conditioning vs great strength and conditioning always comes down to recruiting.


I got to walk thru the Nebraska Complex, the gym is freaking awesome.