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Nebraska can't do squat!!!

As a longtime Husker fan, I was appalled to hear a rumor going around. Apparently, according to the rumor, Nebraska has some new woman in charge of the entire athletic department’s excercise program. And she thinks squats are dangerous, so nobody, not even football players, are allowed to do them. Does anyone know if this rumor has any merit to it?

dude the cornhuskers suck. i mean they are pitiful. we (CU) are gonna have our 4th and 5th stringers in the game because you guys suck so bad its just gonna be to easy. the players on the nebraska football team could go into a barrel of titties and come out sucking their thumbs. see you on the 29th. :slight_smile:

You know good and well that if CU wasn’t allowed to do squats, Chris Brown would have never run over our defense last year and CU would be another small speedbump on the road to Nebraska’s next title. If Cu wasn’t allowed to squat, you’d have a joke of a team. If CU wasn’t allowed to squat, they’d be recruiting and begging Kevin Steele to take over the program. Now if we were allowed to squat, the farts our players would release while doing deep squats would not only stink less than your team, they would beat them at any sport… even windsprints. Hell, maybe even with our puny quads, weak hip development, and overall lower body mass from being deprived of the very excercise that made our program so strong, we’ll still beat you so that Texas Tech or Oklahoma won’t have to in the Big 12 championship.

I seriously doubt that one of the best strength coaches in the world would allow that to happen.

62-36 last year. lets see, we’ve beaten kansas state and iowa state just to name a few. hey by the way how did you fair against ksu and isu? i know you guys beat powerhouses mcneese state and troy state, so i have to give you some credit there. i have an idea. why dont you tell your pussy strength coach to leave, and have the huskers do squats. we’ll still kill you. see you on the 29th. :slight_smile:

Wow JC, normally you’re not bad, but you’re being a real jackass today, huh? That’s ok, we lost last year, and bad. So I hope that helped you to forget the previous 3 games that your shitty teams handed to us. You going to the game this year?

I know Five-Oh personally, and now know that he is the one that started this ridiculous rumor. I fell for it when he first told me, he said it was originally posted on Tmag. So let me ask you this, if it was posted on Tmag, why are you asking if it was a rumor as if noone had heard of it on Tmag? You are a sick individual and you need help.

you guys are my boys, you know that, but when it comes down to the huskers-buffs game, all husker fans (whether it is my mom, girlfriend, friend, etc.) are enemies. no, i am not going to lincoln, but a lot of my friends are. i mean, i’d rather watch cu play a good team. beating nebraska by 30+ each year gets kind of old. im so confident that we will win, how about a little t-nation bet? something along the lines of the loser, well, you guys have to post something like “nebraska sucks and i wear womens underwear.” i understand if you decline my bet. i would if i were you because you will lose. (…all in good fun, of course. t-bros are one of a kind.)

The only mention of this that i remember reading was an indirect reference in an atomic dawg about some big DI school not letting athletes squat. Someone may have assumed or done some research and found out it was Nebraska. Who knows, who really cares :wink: Go Linemen U

I checked the husker power website www.huskerpower.com, and it mentioned nothing about not squatting. In fact, they gave three sample programs, and all three included squats. According to the staff tree, there is a woman by the name of Courtney Carter in charge of a lot of the sports lifting, but Chad Wade is listed as the football strength coach.

Hey Fragile- I read that about a D1 school before on T-mag and have since heard that Nebraska is the school. That’s the rumor I’m trying to confirm. Not only do you believe nothing that I say, but you believe nothing that anyone else says because you are the sick individual who needs help. I only wish you didn’t believe me 2 years ago when I told you that you didn’t have to live in that 6’4" 150 lb. frame. You wouldn’t have gained the 70 lbs. that has made you too cocky to listen to anything that anyone else has to say.

I can’t hear what anyone has to say? To prove your wrong, I just read your entire post:

“blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 6’4” 150 lb. frame. You wouldn’t have gained the 70 lbs. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

“beating nebraska by 30+ each year gets kind of old.”

Last year was the only time in the history of this series that Colorado has won by 30 points, fyi. Oh, and it was also the first time Colorado has won in 12 meetings. Colorado is 15-43-2 versus Nebraska. Sounds like real domination, doesn’t it?

so where are you watching the big 12 championship game from? dont worry, it’ll be fun watching nebraska playing on that blue field in the humanitarian bowl against sw missouri state.

joke of the day: what does the “N” on the huskers helmet stand for? knowledge. HAHAHAHA

Nice job, you pulled out a joke from 1940.

I won’t be watching the Big 12 championship, nobody in that game will be worth watching. By the way, who gets to hand you your season opening loss next season?

Nobody pay attention to MrCold. You know why??? He listens to “Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler!!!” Oh my god!!!

*on a little side note, mrcold, i didnt write the “no no mr cold” post. i dont know who did, but they definetely dont belong in our big 12 thread. we’ll send that anonymous poster down to the WAC…anyways, you want to talk about openers? who are you guys opening against next year? i mean, it just keeps getting easier and easier for you. san jose state, troy state, mcneese state, next year i think you have my sisters powder puff team in lincoln. i mean yes, you guys win on opening days, but cmon, stop playing the iowa schools for the deaf and blind. open up against decent team from a decent league (a D1 college league), and then talk about opening days.

Actually, we opened against Arizona State this year. Considering they’re up towards the top of the PAC-10, I’d consider them slightly better than the colorado school for the blind. Next year we open up against Oklahoma State, who is hardly a powerhouse, but certainly not a Division II school as you seem to be suggesting.

my mistake, i forgot you guys opened against asu this year. what my previous post was saying is that nebraska schedules some easy games. now, thats not to say taht everyone doesnt (we had our san diego state), but every ranked team usually does one gimme game, not 3. you guys are 7-5 overall, and 3 of the wins are against texas schools for the parapalegics. yes we lost to csu and usc, but we dominated powerhouses ksu, isu, just to name a few (which you guys lost to.) its a no brainer, this year. buffs 487 huskers 0. (ok ok buffs 34 huskers 17)