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I saw where Nebido was mentioned on another thread so I looked at the Bayer website. It appears to be a panacea for us HRT guys. A search of this site produced little additional info.

Does anyone know if it lives up to the claims? Injections every 12 weeks? It seems too good to be true. It would be nice to know if the T to E conversion is more, less or the same as other injectibles. Will HCG still be needed? How long has it been around and does anyone know someone who has used it and what the results were?

Hopefully the resident experts can shed some light in this.


Nebido is supposed to be available here over the summer sometime. I've read where they actually just changed the regimen to 10 weeks but who knows what your levels would be at week 10. I think if I were on the shots I would stick with the old plan because it would be easier to treat it consistently.

If your T is gradually dropping over ten weeks it may be difficult to establish a schedule and dose for Adex which you're still going to need. If you google it you'll find posts on other sites where people are using it and it's been around for a bit. Some of the results sound positive.


Nebido is testosterone undecanoate, which is a long estered testosterone. Even if you shoot 1,000 mg in your ass, how can it possibly last 3 months, when the half life of this compound is 45 days?

I looked around the Phase III clinical trials, but there was no data on conversion of T to E. But the research papers don't always give the answers you need. Check the posts on the bb boards from men who've actually used it.


I lived in Europea a few years ago and had Nebido injected. It takes you for an insane ride, ups and downs. This is 4cc of substance injected into your behind and give youwhat would be termed a steroid flu. I talked to a few docs and pharmacy workers and they said that the company that produces Nebido is in essence a big bully and forces a good number of EU members to carry only this product (not sure if this is true I only lived in two European countries).

I read the package insert and it said that if desired you can inject within 30 days if needed. The cost of one injection was around $167.
After the first injection I decided to drop Nebido and opted for Test. Enanthate and now use Cyp. Both are much better for me.


Thanks for the relaying your experience. The promotional info makes it sound too good to be true and, if your experience is typical, it probably is.


Insane for me so far, but I will first say I am very long term hypogonadism with compounding factors due to androgen deprivation therapy (cyproterone acetate) and opiates, at the extreme of low T, and only 2 months into T therapy
Minor trauma fracture didn’t heal well so asked for a DEXA scan which came in with osteoporosis diagnosis T score - 3.5
A bit of googling, & asked my doc to check my T levels
Free T before therapy 1.3nmol/L
Muscle wasting etc etc you all know

low T at 55yrs

I’m in NZ where Nebido/T undeconoate is available, although knowledge by Dr’s on Trt is nil.

Works for most apparently. In my case 2 weeks post my 1st injection my free T went from 6.8 nmol/L after 4 weeks 2.5mg patch, to 59 nmol/L (range 8-38nmol/L) on the Nebido! also Estradiol climbed from pre injection level of 17pg/ml to 35pg/ml. NZ high range 50 pg/ml no low range specified. I asked the doc is it a unisex range and he didn’t know… duh!
Hypermatabolizing the huge initial dose?
muscle tissue too far gone to hold the Ester?

I had very bad test flu. Aches, sneezing, fatigue, brain fog for 2 days after the shot and rough going so far.
Gyno after 1 week with sore nippers.
Further declining symptoms after 4 weeks but early days. Living Hell at times constant brain fog and arthralgia as we all know what feeling like an old man basket case is like, all your friends get tired of hearing about it too when you look mid 50’s but feel 80 they can’t get their heads around it (I sure don’t want to)

My doc seems on board to take my guidance about prescribing Arimadex, is worried about prescribing an AI until my next levels are checked tomorrow @ 4 1/2 weeks
I’m going to push hard for an AI when I get my latest E2 level if it’s over 25 pg/ml
I’ve had around 1 week of feeling OK, a world with normal T is Good, and 3 weeks of feeling a lot worse than before T therapy
The concept of 10-12 week dosing looks great on paper but with the massive spike of free T Estradiol control may be problematic?
Or dose higher AI first 2 weeks post injection
Would love to find if lowering E2 will control my adverse symptoms.
Hopefully my body will adjust in the next month or two. It didn’t get this way overnight.

I note the FDA trial of Nebido used a 750mg dose, showing max level boost to 1200ng @ 1 week post 1st injection

I’m proposing a 700mg dose next time if my trough levels don’t give me symptoms , less painful too, although 1000mg IM was OK, not nearly as bad as the test flu I had the next 2 days.

Also educating my doc on subQ cipionate in the meantime, don’t know it’s available here since Nebido became the treatment of choice. (Reandron NZ brand name btw)

Will be checking my bloods every couple weeks from now on.


trtlabrat, thanks for sharing your experience so far. I was wondering how the Nebido experience has continued for you. Are you able to provide any update on how you feel and blood results?


Sure will post my blood history when I get my latest free T and E2 test
results this week.
My mood and energy picking up finally about 5 days ago btw, and I had a
blood test 6 days ago
A feeling I may be in my zone for levels so keen to see the results.
As 500mg took me over high range I’m thinking approximately 350mg each 3-4
weeks might be the go for me unless my system adapts to slow down uptake of
Nebido (and I feel it is possible)
A lot less post injection pain would be a positive, although 4ml was "okay"
It’s crazy how I can absorb the undecanoate Ester so quickly (bad muscle
tone? Who knows?)


Hi I see its an older post
forgot to add that I had a half dose, 500mg Nebido 3 weeks ago.
Blood results @ 1 week
Estradiol 92 pmol/l (25pg/ml)
Free T 47nmol/l ref (10-38)
Felt like junk, just a basket case as though I’d injected kryptonite of the comic book kind
So still need to titrate my dose or maybe just adapting to having higher T
Got my 2 weeks post 500mg nebido estradiol level 62pmol/L (16pg/ml) so that’s a good level for me
Free T result soon (takes several days longer for Free T results here in nz)


Hi ! I am from Romania and I did also TRT since 1985, after bilateral orchiectomy in 1980.
It worked best first 5 years using romanian injection TESTOLENT (phenilpropionat).
First problems in 1990…in 1993 I started french injections ANDROTARDYL (enanthat ).
In 1997 it crashed, including lab tests with T level under nadir crash. They told me (at that time ) is because something happened with me and…it must be a kind of depression…bla bla.
After that I tryed also german injection, pills, but the same bad situation (this “outside society”, bad mood, fatigue, etc ) last 20 years.
Well, coz they removed from fharmacies the undecanoate pills (with the same bad result )
last mounth I decided for new labs, new treatment. 19 days after OMNADREN injection (phenilpropionat + propionat+ isocaproat+ decanoat ) my T was just 1.99 ng/ml. Also very big FSH and LH. Hmmmmm…Why ? I did also second OMNADREN injection and…nothing, no peak, no trough, for me is not new…
Finally doc told me I am hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, and prescribed me NEBIDO 1000mg every 3 mounth, and new labs after 6 mounths.
K sman from this site advised me for ARIMIDEX ( to inhibite an enzyme that converse T into estrogen ) seems to be a possible explanation for allways low T…but they don`t sel in pharmacies without medical advice :frowning:
Yes, for me is this special situation with bilateral orchiectomy, but it worked at start, I can still remember very well. At that time I never thought about lab tests or other problems.
Well…30 hours ago I did first injection NEBIDO 1000mg , all I can do is just wait .
After all this years finally I understand is a real problem with long timeTRT


I looked it up , you get a shot by nurse testosterone undeconate, then 4 weeks later blood work then another shot, and a shot every 2 months.
I asked the price and the pharmacist said it was like 997 bucks, i think for whole six months.
I stick with my cypionate weekly.