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Nebido (Undecanoate) Early Experiences

I’m currently in week 4 of my Nebido loading phase. Feeling better then when I started but not good or even close to great. This Is as expected due to the long acting ester taking a while to stabilise. Doctor has said progress will be gradual and decent benefits to be expected by week 12

Protocol inc loading phase
500mg / 2ml week 1
500mg / 2ml week 4
125mg / 0.5ml weekly from week 6

Just curious really to know how long it took for other guys to feel improvements and then the full benefit?

A loading phase for Nebido is advised by the manufacturer

‘ With this loading dose, sufficient steady state testosterone levels may be achieved more rapidly.’

Makes full sense to load a long ester like that.

Don’t doubt that information. Otherwise it would take months to reach the stable levels as its half life is so long.

That is absolutely correct. My mistake. I was thinking sustanon for some reason. Nibido is not that common on the forum.

Did you have any discomfort with those 2ml injections? Any idea what size needle was used?

I think they put the whole 4ml ampule in at the 10 week mark don’t they? :cry:

23g 1inch and for some reason I didn’t feel a thing which was weird

My doctor is all for microdosing plus I have a low SHBG so I’ll be on .5ml weekly from next week

Crumbs that’s nearly a knitting needle!

Doc must have good technique :+1:

23g is probably one of the standard size needles for IM injections. I doubt any doctor would use a much higher gauge than that when administering an injection.

Must be a drag having to go to Docs for regular injections, I wonder why they insist on it when it’s so easy to do at home?

I started my TRT journey on 25g needles but then moved to 27g and have even used 30g with Sust and Enanthate, just have to be patient with the syringe :grin:

Ah my doctor let’s me do them myself at home

I find the Nebido liquid quite thick though so reckon I would struggle to squeeze it through something slimmer then 23g

Hi, I’m sure you would be fine with a 25, maybe a 27 even. Need a bit more even pressure on the plunger that’s all :+1:

Do you aspirate before injecting? The Nebido patient care leaflets seem to be very strict on the procedure to be followed due to potential reaction to the ester?

I do aspirate, I read to many bad stories about people that didn’t on the Reddit t sub.

To be fair my doctor did tell me to warm up the t by putting the vial in warm water before injecting but I haven’t actually tried that, he said that would make the liquid less thick

Protocol inc loading phase
500mg / 2ml week 1
500mg / 2ml week 4
125mg / 0.5ml weekly from week 6

So what happens when you get to week 10/12?

Is there a big gap to next dose?

0.5ml once a week from week 6

Progressive Doc allowing you to use it in that way, sounds good.

So, 0.5ml of Nebido equates to around 78mg of actual Test being topped up weekly.

If you can explain further though please?, presumably the weekly schedule stops at some stage as the intent of Nebido was to allow long periods between injections.

If you’re having to continue with weekly pins, Cyp or Enanthate would be better wouldn’t it?

I’m looking at using Nebido myself to cut down the number of pins, trying to work something out to allow every 3 weeks, might even stack a little bit of Sust with it for the buzz over the 1st 7 - 10 days.


Weekly schedule stays. It’s 125mg weekly. 1000mg/4ml

I have low shbg and Test C (daily) didn’t really work for me due to this, minimal benefits if any benefits just high E2.I think the idea is to get my test levels as super stable as possible to suit my low shbg and tendency to aromatise excess test into e2, emphasis on the ‘I think’ as I generally leave the detail to my doctor

My understanding of Nebido is the manufacturer directs for injections every 12 weeks but in stories I have read on the net the general consensus is 4 to 6 weeks is much more ideal to reach stable levels.

Surprising, since more frequent injections usually helps with low SHBG

Where abouts are you in your schedule now? How’s it going?

Exactly 8 weeks today

I am defo having steady but slow improvements.

Great stuff, seems like it’s working for you :+1:

Do you get any PIP with the Nebido?