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Nebido Protocol

Nebido Protocol

After recently experiencing a bad crash 4 weeks into my first Nebido injection my GP gave me my booster shot early and will monitor to see when we will get my 3rd shot.

My levels before starting treatment was below 5 nmol/l.

Also I’m on Nebido only with no HCG.

Anyone who is on Nebido could you please post your protocol and how you find it and if you are stabilised?


Not many people on this forum use nebido. The really long half life makes getting stable really hard, nearly impossible. If you have the option of switching to self injection with Test E or C using twice a week you’ll probably be better off.

If you have to stick with it for now, the general consensus is to inject more often, I think even nebido. I think I recall one person on here experimenting with weekly dosing for nebido, don’t recall who.

I don’t use it so I can’t speak with much authority. Try to get switched to a Test with a different (shorter) ester and really either way injecting more often give more stable Test levels and you’ll probably feel better assuming the dose is appropriate.

Good luck

It is a single ester like cypionate and enanthate, so it can be dosed like them sort of. It takes a lot longer to build up and give you stable levels, but it hangs around a lot longer too. A couple of guys have said that they split the dose up frequent injections and it works fine, eventually.

You won’t find hardly anyone on Nebido, not when there are better options. The Nebido was a great concept, but in practice it doesn’t always work well.

A lot of men are on TRT without HCG.

I’m on Nebido, 140mg a week shallow IM. I just dropped the dose to 120mg a week as my test level was a little too high.

I feel great and injecting only once a week. I’ve seen dramatic results on this protocol.

You probably have more stable levels with minimal functions between injections, similar to me injecting daily on cypionate.

I expect anyone prescribing Nebido to follow guidelines and not think outside the box which is what’s needed for someone on TRT, because everyone is different.

Are you still running this? How is it going and do you feel the need for arimadex

I’m still on Nebido, 140mg a week shallow IM.

I’m not taking anything else. I just had all my bloodwork done and E2 is in range and all else checks out ok too.