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Nebido Protocol? Good TRT Doc for International Patients?

Hi there. I’ve written once before on this forum and received wonderful advice. Hoping for some feedbck on this.

I live in South America. I am on a weekly TRT dose of 105 per week. I sub-q 15 per day. Trusted testosterone sources out here are sketchy. I have been using Cooper pharm cypionate for the last several months and feel it’s not legit (going by the way I feel). I will be having bloodwork this week to see where my levels are at. Also tested the Cooper stuff with the testosterone steroid kit and according to that, it tested as cypionate. Still have doubts again, because of how I’m feeling (or not feeling more to the point).

The only legit test I can get from a doctor is Nebido. My question is can I take Nebido in the same daily protocol as mentioned above?

Secondly, could anyone recommend a really knowledgeable, reasonably priced TRT doc that would work via phone with an overseas patient?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Defy Medical (Dr. Saya) does advice only consultants outside the US, you’ll have to source the testosterone within your home country. I believe the advice only consultants are $250.

Sounds like you need someone knowledgeable guiding your treatment.