Nebido Opinions? Dealing with ED

Hello folks!

I would need some advises from more experienced people than me.
Six weeks ago my endo placed me on Nebido. I went to see him because I feel that my erections are degrading. I don’t have them every morning any more and when I have them are week and short lasting. When I have sex my penis needs to be continuously stimulated otherwise if not stimulated for 1 minute (more or less) he is going down. My erections are decent, but not fully rigid as four years ago (I’m 30 years old).

My FSH and LH were always elevated - my testicles were brought down trough a surgery when I was a kid. My doc sent me to take some blood tests and then he placed me on Nebido (he told me that we should try to see how’s going). I got one shot six weeks ago. Since then I have started to feel a bit better (more energy, more active, better libido, erections quite the same I would say). Today I have remade my blood tests and some my doc. He told me that it’s all good and that I should wait for two more weeks and then to take one more shoot (in the week nine -started nebido on 23th of april - since my first shot). He told me that my tests are producing testosterone and that he would like me to go smooth and not to go to harsh on them. He is telling me that he thinks that my testosterone level is quite good and that usually I would not be in need of TRT. I don’t know what to think.

The fact is that I am comparing the lab tests from today with the previous and I see an increase just regarding the Free testosterone, the blood one is even a bit lower. I will post here my previous and actual blood test and I will appreciate if I could get some opinions from you guys. Do you think my doc is proceeding properly? He is continuously telling me that I have good testosterone levels. But I don’t know what to say. I have read all kind of things on the internet.

Before Nebido
FSH - 17.9 mIU/ml ( 0.95 - 11.95 mUI/ml)
LH - 9.49 mIU/ml (0.57 - 12.07 mIU/mL)
Prolactin - 22.12 ng/ml (3.46 - 19.40 ng/ml)
Testosterone - 18.71 nmol/L (4.94-32.01 nmol/L)
Free Testosterone - 15.37 pg/mL (1.00- 28.08 pg/mL)

TSH - 0.873 μUI/mL (0.35 - 4.94 μUI/mL)
Free T4 - 1.31 ng/dl (0.7 - 1.48 ng/dL)

After Nebido

FSH - 16.79 mIU/ml (0.95 - 11.95 mUI/ml)
LH - 7.72 mIU/ml (0.57 - 12.07 mIU/mL)
Prolactin - 17.6 ng/ml (3.46 - 19.40 ng/ml)
Testosterone - 17.54 nmol/L (4.94-32.01 nmol/L)
Free Testosterone - 16.99 pg/mL (1.00- 28.08 pg/mL)
PSA - 0.29 ng/mL (0 - 4 ng/mL)
SHBG - 36.6 nmol/l (13.5 - 71.4 nmol/l)

*CBC = all good.

Any opinions/advises would be much appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!

I’m far from being an expert and some what in your situation. Advice I tended to get revolve around caber use to bring prolactin down , apparently reference ranges for prolactin are to say your healthy but doesn’t necessarily mean your ideal, so could be even tho you’re in reference range you’re on the higher end.

But like I said I don’t know much hopefully others can clarify. Also proviron has been recommended before. I’m looking for correct solution too

Your Free T isn’t high enough, you need Free T high normal. Nebido was by design only meant to get levels to mid normal ranges, except healthy young men with no symptoms of low T are in the high normal ranges at the top and that’s where you need to be before all symptoms are resolved.

Nebido is the worst choice of injectable T, the half life is just too long and isn’t always effective. You need to get levels to the high normal ranges and keep them there all the time and not just the first couple of weeks. You need to see where your levels are at trough.

Your endo is a moron, most are and lack any real knowledge in sex hormones and only make determinations based off reference ranges because medical school is sex hormone ignorant. The more informed are paying attention to where healthy young men are scoring in the ranges who are not symptomatic.

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If your doc thinks you don’t need TRT, then why did put you on nebido. This is typical disadvantage of nebido, after 2-3weeks T levels crash and you will have these ED symptoms. Switch to better testosterone enanthate or Cypionate. Better take every week in divided doses. All ED symptoms will vanish.

If he gave you a shot of Nebido before the bloodtest, he has no possible way of knowing what you are and are not producing. He put testosterone into your system and then told you that you are making test according to the bloodwork. Now, I’m not a doctor or anything, but I’m pretty sure that is some sleight of hand nonsense or your doctor is a moron.

The doc didn’t gave me a shot before blood test. He decided to give ma shot after he saw my blood test. He was telling me that he wants to preserve my balls to keep producing testosterone naturally. He is telling me that he wants to just ease the stress on my testicles, hormones a bit putting me on Nebido (as a some sort of compensation).

Many thanks for your feedback, lufc12!
I took in the past cbergoline. Took my prolactin quite down but haven’t felt any considerable differences. Now it seems that my prolactine went a bit down since I have started Nebido.

Thanks! Will check with another doc soon to see how’s going on.

Thanks a lot for your lines, bro.
I really appreciate to get some of your opinions guys. It helps me to see how the things are going and now I’m thinking to talk with some other doc to.

If this was the case he would have prescribed HCG alongside Nebido, HCG will keep your testicles producing testosterone and estrogen while on TRT.

We see it often where doctors believe since testosterone is a bioidentical hormone, doctors automatically believe it adds to your natural production and doesn’t shut your natural production down, this is incorrect, TRT does shutdown the natural production and any doctor believing otherwise is living in a self made fantasy.

The comment about your testosterone levels being quite good, again is seems he’s fixating on a lab number.

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There’s no “easing” into it. Once you inject, shutdown is on it’s way. A low dose or a slow ester doesn’t help, it just induces shutdown without putting enough into you to replace your loe natural production.