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Nebido Libido Issues

In on Nebido first i tried every 7 weeks but got 14nmol before the shot so my doctor switched to every 6 w i got blood test after second shot 2 w after
27nmol s testo
130nmol estro
Shbg 20

The big problem i dont have libido and cant get it up man little bit its go away fast.
I tried hcg it dosent help.

What more blood test should i take ?
Could it be to big dose at once?

Iam 33 years old and in Good shape.
I live in europe so er dont have any other than nebido ore gel…

If you have the internet (you do) then you have literally everything available.

And it’s your dose and schedule, man. It always is the same with Nebido, it always will be.

Here’s you over 30 weeks:

Aside from doctors—who take their marching orders directly from the manufacturer (in this case Bayer?)—nobody with even a passing familiarity with the science would consider the Nebido protocol to be practical. The guidelines say once every X weeks and that’s what they do. You don’t feel great because Nebido wasn’t really designed to make you feel great, it was designed to be a profitable, patented drug that uses a 60 year old, non-patented compound. It’s a magic trick of accounting, and nothing else.

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Its a common symptom of too high estrogen.

If spliting the nebido up , 1 ml every 2 w ?

Nebido takes a long time to reach a stable state, we are talking months.

I would use it once a week, but once every two weeks wouldn’t be terrible. Once every six (or more) is unbelievably dumb and I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone in medicine would go along with it. I know why companies sell it, but that doesn’t mean we all have to just follow their lead.