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Nebido Instead of T Cyp/Enanth?


Hi all,

The subjects says it all. I live in South America now. Doc suggested me trying Nebido (once single injection lasting 2-3 months) instead of T cyp/enanth as per the protocol suggested here. Any opinions on that? I searched previous threads but found not so conclusive opinions. Just that absorption may not be too stable.

Btw, cost is no issue. Insurance covers it. Same with T cyp/enanth. So I'm just wondering if there are some experiences with Nebido out there.

Just in case, here is my thread documenting my TRT experience: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/santiagom#myForums/thread/6100413/2

KSman is Here

If you do that, you will still have large slow swings in hormone levels. With changing T levels, it would not be possible to control E2 properly with anastrozole. To get steady hormone levels, you need to inject T twice a week.