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Nebido Every 10 Weeks, Bloodwork Question

Hey all. Male 33 here, currently on TRT treatment (Nebido 1000ml with injections every 10 week)

My original T before TRT was 10.8

I just got my bloodwork back before im going for my 5th injection in a few days (blood was taken at week 8 after last injection)

The numbers:

Testosterone: 6.15 (range 6.73-31.90) (nmol/L)
SHGB: 15 (range 13-72) (nmol/L)
DHEAS: 11.0 (range 3.1-10.7)
Estradiol: 0.05 (range: 0.00-0.00)

So, is this normal for Nebido?
will it get better with time, cause im feeling very bad atm and not realy capable of doing anything but sleep / sit in the couch

I would say that if you are hitting 177 ng/dl (6.15 nmol/L) and you still have 2 more weeks until your next shot you need an adjustment of some sort. That doesn’t sound fun at all.

Is your Estrogen high? Your lab range is incorrect.

Your T dosage is incredibly weak, you need more T as you are worse off than before you started TRT. These are truly wacky ranges as they go far below what is considered normal. Usually SHBG ranges are 20-54 nmol/L, your SHBG range shows your SHBG isn’t low, yet it is according to our standards.

My Estrogen should translate to 50pg/ml. Sadly they dont provide a proper range for males. My bloodwork from Nowember was 80pg/ml. So i dont know if this is high or low (and my GP has 0 experience when it comes to TRT, so i have to research alot on my own)

Yeah, i was feeling pretty bad at 10.8 before i started TRT, and after the first shot i felt amazing (i think my body was still produsing T then) But with the current protocol im feeling worse then before i started.

I have a small hope that maybe i can add gel + the 10week nebido shots. I dont think i can get the injections more often. Besides, adding gel instead would save me money too (lets say 50mg pr day with gel + nebido) compares to nebido every 6th week.

It’s time to find another doctor, surely he’s not the only doctor on the planet. You can’t go on like you are, low E2 for prolonged period of time in dangerous!

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Did you get the 6 week booster shot? (Second injection).

I got the 6week booster as the third injection actualy…