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Nebido and Test E Simultaneously

Hey guys, new user/ longtime lurker here…

I am in my late 30’s and my doctor put me on Nebido (Testosterone Undecanoate), and had my initial 6 week booster shot about a month ago.

The effects are very mild and am thinking about supplementing with Test-E (Testosterone Enanthate) every 2-3 weeks at another clinic as well.

Would it be dangerous or unadvisable to use this method to up my dose and use it for lifestyle and bodybuilding purposes as well?

It would be better to use a constant low dose of E or C, but if you’re using Nebido, you could just use more Nebido in between your doctor’s dosing.

You should dose test E at least once weekly do to the half-life, this every 2-3 week dosing needs to come to an end because it’s just ridiculous when one considers the half-life of 5-6 days for test E and 7-8 days for cypionate.

What’s the dosage and does your doctor allow self injection? Find an endo that allows self injection.

my dosage is 250mg of Test-E every 3 or 4 weeks, according to my doctor.

I’ve had my first injection a week ago and it seems he won’t allow self injection nor give me the shot any more often.

I am thinking about self medicating from the black market but obviously there are risks associated with that.

If your doctor isn’t willing to optimize treatment, that’s not good. You need an open minded doctor that isn’t fixed in his ways, he needs to be willing to learn new things.

Some doctors aren’t willing to deviate from dosing recommendations provided for by the drug company, the recommendations are part of the problem.

You could show your doctor the study provided, maybe he will listen,

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg enanthate every two weeks in patients with hypogonadism

In fact, the present study confirmed serum levels of T which were lower than pre-ART value levels on day 14 after administration. Therefore the further decrease in serum T levels on day 14 after administration is considered to relapse of hypogonadal symptoms and to reduce the patients quality of life.

Idiotic. Ask him what the half-life is.

Clicinians are seeing average half-lives shorter that specified on the label.

Even better

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This graph pretty much backs up what that study shows after 14 days, a bit worse though, but still lower than pre-art levels.

thanks for the replies… i might even have to show my doc the graph

Good luck. Facts when it comes to TRT don’t seem to do a lot to most of them.

Wow just wow your doctor. Every 2 weeks… Is he really an endocrinologist ? Try to find a seasoned doctor that knows endocrinology. Generally, you want to microdose the testosterone cypionate or ethanantate every 2-5 days. It’s better to self inject, just do a subcutaneous injection every 2 days, intramuscular hits you faster, but subcutaneous will make it last longer. When you inject the Testosterone, your test levels will go up rapidly , then it will plunge , so it’s best to keep the distance between the peak and the troughs ( lowest point) as short as possible to reduce side effects.