Nebido and Arimidex Only Works Partially?

Been on nebido for over a year now but its not working all the way, arimidex helps but still…

First 8 months i was on 12 week schedule, after every single injection i had a couple of weeks with extreme symptoms of testosterone deficiency, then the symptoms lessened and the last couple of weeks i more or less returned to unmedicated status, after some work i got estradiol tested 10 days after injection and it was 180 pmol/L range 50-161.

Changed hospital and got a new endocrinologist, not sure what to make of him, sometimes he can say the most stupid things and sometimes hes like einstein, atleast he tries and first doctor that does it.

During our first meeting he changed to 8 weeks injection and got much more severe issues, with 8 weeks injection i didnt have a single erection and the endo didnt want to prescribe arimidex, he wanted to wait and see what happens after some time so from my point of view it was either quit or get arimidex elsewhere.

Found a doctor that was willing to prescribe arimidex, she had absolutely no idea how it works so the prescribed dose is 1mg every day.

Thankfully i always read up on new medication before using it so i started with 3 days 1mg a day because i needed fast effect, then i used 0.5mg every 3 days.
12 hours after the first mg i started to feel the effects, 24 hours after i had stronger erections then i ever had in the last 4 years, despite lots of health issues, more medications with bad side effects for erections then i can count too and overweigth i had erections like i was 16 again, borderline painfully hard and it all had such a wow factor it cant be described with words.

Unfortunately the effects didnt last long since testosterone crashed, maybe 3 good days, couple of weeks later i had another injection and the wow factor returned for a couple of more days.

At this time i wasnt aware how hard testosterone was crashing with 8 weeks injection so i probably also crashed estradiol, at the end of the second 8 week injection testosterone was 10 pmol/L, about half of what my current endo said it should be.

I have spent one 6 week injection to try and find a suitable dose but im not hitting it, most of the time i have half decent erections that tends to get soft, loss of penile sensitivity and difficulty achieving orgasm, also orgasms becomes less enjoyable the harder it is to get there.
When i take 0.5mg arimidex it tends to get better 24-72 hours and then decline.

One major issue is lack of testing, public healthcare and going private is not an option.
My endo says treatment isnt done by testing but how the medications make me feel so i could basically crash my estradiol and not know it or have it confirmed by testing.
The only regular test is testosterone, blood is checked from time to time including psa but thats about it.

The plan i had when i started with 6 weeks injection was to try both high and low dose of arimidex to see what happens and after next injection try and find lowest possible dose with highest effect.
I got an injection today and currently not using arimidex, the idea is to wait until i get symptoms of high estradiol and then use 0.25mg every 3 days.

  1. i am aware that some are very sensitive to arimidex while others can take 10mg a week and still have high estradiol, is 0.25mg every 3 days a good dose to start with?

  2. most of the time when i have good effect is shortly after i have taken arimidex, any specific reason for it?

  3. i have many many times been at 30% effect but not knowing if i need to use more or less arimidex, any easy way to find out that doesnt include testing or taking more arimidex?

  4. i have many times felt the effects coming within 12 hours after injection with nebido but not with the 2 latest injection, 6 weeks ago i learned how hard testosterone crashed so i was probably low on estradiol to, took 48 hours before i started to feel effects from the injection, now its 36 hours after my latest injection and dont feel it at all, can that be a sign that estradiol is to low and i feel effects first when estradiol have increased to more normal levels?


Are you self injecting and is that an option? Then you could inject more often.

Can you get testosterone cypionate or ethanate prescribed?

Your Arimidex/anastrozole levels in your blood need to match your T levels and that is never going to be right. You need steady T levels for anastrozole to work right.

Where are you located?

Please read the advice for new guys sticky and read carefully. You will then know more than your doctors.

Nibido is a joke, as you now know. We have many injecting T twice a week or EOD to obtain steady levels.

[quote]KSman wrote:
Are you self injecting and is that an option? Then you could inject more often.[/quote]No and no.

[quote]Can you get testosterone cypionate or ethanate prescribed?[/quote]No, very very close to impossible to get a license for it.

[quote]Where are you located?[/quote]Sweden.

[quote]Please read the advice for new guys sticky and read carefully. You will then know more than your doctors.[/quote]Unfortunately seen it all before.

[quote]Nibido is a joke, as you now know. We have many injecting T twice a week or EOD to obtain steady levels. [/quote]It is the only legal option for injections at this time so im stuck with it.

We see some issues with some guys who are testosterone hyper-metabolizers. This has these implications:

  • T levels are low and these guys typically need 300mg T cyp/eth per week to obtain what most guys get from 100mg
  • T levels drop faster and injections need to be done more often to avoid T levels dropping low