Nebido and Arimidex Dosage Advice

Hi all

I have just started on Nebido - 6 weeks in and about to have my booster shot.

I will have further blood tests done when I have the 3rd shot at 18 weeks after starting.

Currently I am not experiencing any symptoms of low or high E2, so am assuming it is in the right sort of range.

I am looking for advice on whether it is advisable to begin to add an AI such as Arimidex into the mix at this point to control E2. I know that the non linear effect of the T over the course of each 10-12 weeks means it will be difficult to manage dosage, but I could always start on a certain dosage and ease it down over the course of the 10 week period as the T works its way out of my system.

Does anybody here have any first hand experience on the use or non-use of an AI when on nebido?

Many thanks

You are correct in theory. But in practice its like chasing ghosts.

Are other options not available to you?

Have you seen the sticky links in 2nd post of 1st forum topic?

Hi K Sman

There are currently no other options available to me where I live so I would like to make the best of the situation. Given that, am I best to abstain from any Arimidex or to try to manage the AI dose?

I have seen the sticky links.

Nebido is simply another form of T delivery that happens to have a longer half life.
That means infrequent injections and often in a doc’s office and not self injecting.
As you know: This may lead to swings in T levels and then matching the anastrozole dose to your T levels is not going to work right.

There is no reason to have the idea that Nebido might not need an AI to manage E2 levels.
As you feel OK, you will simply need to wait to get labs at week 18.
Will the labs include E2?
Would be better to get an average indication by testing 1/2 way between injections.

Thanks K Sman - I am scheduled for bloods (inc E2) in 6 weeks following last booster at week 12 - in order to determine dosing schedule. At that point I will have an E2 result to guide me and I have AI ready as needed.

Where you able to pin down a Arimidex dosage? Coming off of weekly cypionate and looks like Nebido in my future as that’s all i can find in south america

There’s a very good chance that whatever his AI does is won’t be yours. Try without it and after a couple months if you find you need it then start very low and very slowly work up.

Most guys on TRT have found they don’t need it. You’re looking at posts several years old where the line of thinking was everyone required an AI. The majority sentiment these days is start without it and after a couple months once your levels have stabilized and you get labs done, compare the labs to how you’re feeling. If then you feel you need an AI then start at a very low dose.