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Nearly Finished with PLP


I only have to do 20 more pull-ups and thats me completed the 60 challenge, It did get very boring towards the end, but I'm thinking of doing it again. Overhead press (light) and 32kg KB swings and pull-ups +8kg. but I'll take a week off from it first.




what were your results body come wise?


My arms got bigger, shoulders rounder and thighs stayed the same (my wife tells me i lunge with my knee too far infront of my foot). I’ve also lost some weight, although I also started intermittent fasting 2 weeks ago (same cal per day, 16 hours of no eating and 8 hours when I have 4 meals) and that seemed to work really well with high volume.

All just little changes on there own, but I’m very pleased with the combined results in only 30 days!

edit: sorry it was 60 days!


ya not bad at all, congrats


Anybody else care to share their results?

I’m at 22 reps/exercise now and haven’t seen much yet. But I guess it will come later in the rep progression. Probably will.


I am on Day 65 (started with 1 rep on Day 1)
I have dropped 16lbs of bodyweight, 2" from my waist, and my total chest-shoulder circumference is 1" bigger. Arms have grown, and I have new definition in my legs. I found that near the end I had to do lots of different variety in types of lunges, grips, etc. Pounding that many reps in the same exact movement pattern is a recipe for overuse injury.

Once I reach Day 70, I am taking a 10-day break from training while on Vacation. When I get back, I am planning to start back at 11 reps. I want to do more olympic variations, since the explosive strength is not trained by PLP.

Thinking like this:
Day 1
Snatch Pull 5/3/1
Push Press 5/3/1
Tricep Lockouts (hvy board or pin press)

Day 2
Cosgrove complex 4 sets of 48 reps (x8x6reps) (ala Alwyn Congrove’s MMA plan)
SS Cardio (until Day 30, when PLP volume goes up)

Day 4
Hang Clean + Front Squat 5/3/1
Deadlift by feel

Day 6
Heavy Olympic Complex Sets of 21 (x3reps x7 movements)
SS Cardio 20min (I will drop later like Day 44 of PLP)

I am still new to HFT, and am still trying to work out the kinks in program design.


Impressive weightloss results. Did your diet go unchanged?

I’m increasing 2 reps per day instead of 1 rep. I’m at 42 reps now, and I have noticed that the skin on my lats, near the arm pit, have begun stretching. I gotta say this is pretty exciting! I did not think that I would experience growth of that magnintude.


Braas, I did change my diet, but not reducing calories - I actually had to increase them. Because I was doing a circuit of these reps, I was essentially getting 9 metabolic training sessions in every week. I was thinking I should cut my calories back to accelerate the leanness, and instead I just started to bonk. Eating more was better all the way around.


Interesting. Thanks.