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Nearly Finished Full Body Anchor, What Next?

Hello all,

I have just run two cycles of Full Body 8 Leader and I am in the final week of doing Full Body 7 Anchor . During the anchor I have hit a ton of PRs for all lifts and I am very confident in my TMs.

I am stuck for which template to try next - I am thinking either 1000% awesome, young Jim Wendler, five and dime, or (because it worked so well) more of same full body template. I want to keep power cleans in and train 3 days a week which limits my options, but would like to avoid morning star as I don’t think I’d enjoy the limited lifts. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Shrike

  1. Pick a goal (more defined, the better).

  2. Look for templates that support the goal.

  3. Cut out the templates that don’t fit your schedules/recovery/taste.

  4. Pick a program that inrerests you.

  5. Work work work.

If you dont have any defined goals, just jump to step nro. 4.

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Thanks for the advice Rattus,

My main goal is to get stronger (I play American Football recreationally, so any gain in strength will help here), and I have a few long term goals for the main lifts. I have decided to run the same Full Body leader and anchor again, as it is a 3 day per week template, I enjoy it, I don’t feel beaten up after every session, and it has helped with the strength gains so far!

I’m looking forward to step 5 and let’s see where it takes me!

Good call. Its already proven option for you.