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Near Death Experiences


did you have a near death experience?
what was it?
how it impacted your life afterwards?


I'm interested in this.


I had a near-death experience while I was reading the Near-Death Experience thread that was on here about six months ago. I have never had a near-death experience while utilizing the search engine.


Had a thread on this topic not too long ago here:

Use the search! They fixed it and it works great now kthxbye


one time i was training my legs really hard, and it felt like i was just floating there above them and i looked down and i could just see them below me there.


I choked at a restaurant when I was like 10 once. No one there knew the Heimlich, blacked out, came to about 5 minutes later. I don't know who helped me, or how close I was to actually dying, but I got free ice cream. As a parting gift, I ruptured several blood vessels in my face and eyes. My eyes were literally bleeding and were blood red for about 2 weeks afterwards.

Didn't see the light, but had the out of body, watching myself from above sensation.


When I first moved to the US, I did not know how deep 10 feet was. I also did not know how to swim. Jump in, start thrashing around, get extremely tired and just accept my fate. Start swimming below the water and not holding my breath. It was actually extremely peaceful, even knowing that I was going to die. I then passed out and woke up on a stretcher. I tried to run away, but I passed out again. I woke up twice after that - once in the ambulance and once during surgery. I did get a teddy bear out of the whole experience, so it was probably worth it. And I still have the that teddy bear.


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Flat-lined for about 90 secs, this is what happened...

Floating toward a white light...true.

It being the most peaceful experience in your life... true.

Looking down floating over your dead body...true.

Seeing the face of my dead grandfather (who I never met)... true.

What was crazier than this?... that the very same experience happened twice.


I was riding my bike to the school gym at 5:30 am. It was dark and the cross walk displayed the "do not walk" sign. I decided to keep riding having not seen anybody coming. I'm about 3/4th of the way on my bike through the cross walk when a red honda hatchback comes SPEEDING my way. I literally had no chance to make it across in time, and in my head, I distinctly remember thinking "so this is how its gonna end huh?" I was sure I was dead. The interesting thing is that I was completely and totally at peace with everything. The perception of time also slowed down to what felt like a slow motion pace. I wasn't scared. I wasn't nervous. I didn't panic. I had entirely accepted my fate, that I was to die by getting hit by a car on the way to the gym.

The car slowed down, with what seemed like plenty of time and space to spare. Usually when I take some stupid risk and get away with it, I end up feeling bad, or even relieved. This time, I felt nothing.

Ended up going to the gym, and banging out my workout.


I had a motorcycle wreck when I was 15 where I hit a bridge pillar... Massive internal injuries.

I saw a bright light but it was me waking up on the operating table when they were putting a drainage tube into my right chest cavity a couple of days later. By the way, that really hurts...

I don't remember anything from about 30 minutes before the wreck until then. I'm told I was babbling about talking to dead relatives during that time thought.


Had a toilet fall on me during a structure fire from a 2nd story. Took me out of training for awhile but if I was positioned just alil more under it, I would have taken me. Ive also been trampled by a angry heifer(cow). So far thats it.


What made you flat line if you don't mind me asking? both occasions


I was in a big car accident years ago. Everything happened in slo-mo... the hood curling up, glass suspended in mid air, completely quiet oddly enough.

I had an OOB experience at the scene, I was trapped in the car and it was on fire. The power seat shorted and the carpet under my leg was lit up. I recall seeing a rescue worker cut the battery cable, would have been impossible to see from inside the car with the hood pushed up and the windshield broken.

At the ER, I had another OOB experience looking down at myself on the table with doctors and nurses all over. I saw that light at the tunnel thing and had no fear of death at that point. I had a tough recovery and was told that they didn't expect me to survive the first night. Funny that I was still remembering things from that time, years later. Some things were total revelations, things the ER staff said and flashes from the accident scene.