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Near Death Experience


A friend of mine was crossing the side walk tonight when according to him, a drunk driver(he assumes) didn't stop at the red and clipped his jacket going,according to him, about"60mph" he said all he can think about was how easily other people have died because of idiots like that one.

so it gets me wondering, who here has had a near death experience? im not talking about getting a bad flu or being constipated or any shit like that. Im talking about barrel to your head,car accident, shark has your leg sort of shit. And more importantly, can you tell us how you felt right after and did it change your life?


Car accident. Was in a coma for a week. Got me into bodybuilding. Vowed the next time it happened, the car would be in worse shape than me.


Fell asleep while driving on spring break, once. Barreled through a T in the road, and woke up heading straight for a house. Cranked the wheel of the van I was driving to the right and drove the van between the house and an old, mature maple off the corner of the house. It was a space about 7 feet wide. Woke up everyone in the van and got the hell out of there before the homeowners woke.

Second story: I was walking back to the car after a day of shopping with my 3 kids. The 2 and 3 year olds were in a double stroller, the 4 year old was walking with me. We get to the car and I unstrap the kids and pop the rear hatch of the minivan so they can scurry into their seats. I grab the 2 year old and move around to the side of the van to put her in her car seat when I hear a loud squeal and a crash. My stroller, which was next to the rear bumper of my car, was gone and the car next to me was gone, too.

Or more accurately, pushed about 8 feet into 3 other cars. Some old bat who should've have her license taken away during the Ford administration hit the wrong pedal and reversed into the cars parked next to me missing my car by inches and destroying the stroller that my kids were in and I was pushing about 8 seconds earlier.


I drank drano. It felt like my throat had been flushed down the toilet as I watched chunks of my throat swirl around the bowl and go down the toilet. There was a level of pain that is indescribable as the tissue of my mouth, throat and upper respiratory tract continued to dissolve.

I knew that it was bad, but didn't know how bad. I got to the hospital and was blacking out intermittently. My family was surrounding me, looking very sad and crying. My one niece was sitting on the bed and said "Uncle ****, don't go." I responded that I will be fine, don't worry. I looked at the oxygen monitor and when it dropped to about 70 something I blacked out. At some point I was given my last rights and my family started making the arrangements.

About a week later with intermittent bouts of consciousness I woke up in the ICU to some nurses who were very surprised to see me. I was pretty surprises to see them too. I really didn't know what the hell had just happened. Another week after that with an intravenous feeding tube and I was ready to go home.

Unfortunately, I misinterpreted the whole thing to mean that I was indestructible, and went on a booze and drug bender for several years. Thats when the guns and car accidents came in to play. They had nothing on previous experience and seemed insignificant at the time.

In the continuity of life, yes, it certainly has changed me. I've learned a lot about the resilience of human existence, and do feel that I am here for a reason. 18 years later and I still don't know what it is, but as I continue to look for them, life keeps getting better.

So maybe thats why I'm here. To be fully engaged in life by looking for reasons to live. At the time that the incident occurred, I didn't have any. Now I have a whole bunch.


Anyone who drinks Drano is seriously fucked.


*mentally fucked.


wow... Im soo glad you're here alive posting. So you didn't remember what happned for an entire week being in a coma? incredible. how old were you at the time of the incident? and what would lead you to do that?(if you want to share)

amazing stories so far.


Gun to my head.


I remember a couple of things. Nurses floating in and out, family looking at me, all in a dreamy half consciousness. As soon as I would come to a nurse would put me back down very quickly.

It was the morning of my 20th birthday, and a week from shipping out to Naval boot camp. Me and some friends were partying at a kids house and his brother didn't like us disturbing him.

He booby trapped the bar in the game room by filling one of the whiskey bottles with drano. I was the booby.




Uh No.

What could possibly drive a man to purposely drink drano unless they were mentally ill?

You must have serious mental health issues to purposely drink something like that.


I have to ask.... what did you do to the brother? if you want to share.lol


No not really. I mean, maybe, but not related. Read the previous post.

Now if someone actually set out to do themselves harm like that, sure. That would be crazy.


I got run over by a tanker truck. It sucked.


Please tell me that once you were healed and strong again you went back and destroyed that asshole.


Not a thing. My attorney advised very strongly that I don't do anything.

Other people may have done something as a result, but not me.


ah okay.

Then the booby trapper must be sadistic. From a quick google most people do not die from ingesting Drano. It just is really painful and causes a lot of damage


Well at least tell us that the asshole was charged with SOMETHING!


How did that go?

Don't say "Bang!" or "Splat!".

I can't imagine getting hit by a truck. That can cause some serious physical turmoil.


Nope. Investigation couldn't prove malice or intent to harm, just that it was exceptionally negligent.