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Hey guys, just wanted to let people know about this book. I’ve been really into studying about paleolithic nutrition, the diet we ate before agriculture began a mere 10,000 years ago and the problems it has caused us health-wise. The diet does a great job of explaining how little our bodies have evolved over the 1,000’s of years we’ve existed, and how carbohydrates from sources other than vegetables and some fruit are unnatural and would have been unobtainable without modern technology and intervention. The book really makes sense and explains how most modern societies face large incedents of heart disease, obesity, arthritis, poor blood profiles and many auto-immune diseases and how all primitive cultures even today live on a meat based diet and rarely suffer these problems. The author actually gets into the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio and the importance of balancing it for health, fat loss, etc. He even recommends weight lifting in his exercise program for weight loss, while the routine will be lame for us here the fact is I really think he did his homework. Overall I think the book is incredible and based on a lot of reading over the internet it appears his ideas are overall very accurate. I highly recommend it for people looking for maximum health as well as a great body. It seems to me following the diet we were designed to eat is the most sensible plan for achieving a great body.