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Neanderthaler No(?) More - Help Needed


Hi guys
First of all let me say i'm pretty frustrated at this point.
I am an 18 year old kid fascinated by strength training, martial arts and bodybuilding.
But i have come into issues that had me stop weightlifting after only 4 months as beginner.
I have this hyper-lordosis, shoulders slouched, hips imbalanced and middle/upper back tightness/pain between my shoulderblades, and more, basicly i have 'shitty posture''
i also have this annoying and sometimes really painful pain in my big toe when stepping that kind of radiates to my foot, sometimes the pain isn't there but after good boxing or running workout it hurts for the rest of the day. I had been doing squats and deadlifts only to come to the conclusions that my lordosis, back/shoulders posture just aren't right for it, doing more harm than good.

I quit lifting months ago to prevent further serious injury and at the moment only do martial arts (boxing, some grappling sometimes).

I looked ROLFING and it seems this is 'the' best thing for me. So i go to rolfing every 1-2 weeks. I already had three sessions done. Great, i feel more stability, my legs are straighter, more flexible, and my hyperlordosis is better, although not completely gone.
I hope that at the end of the 10 sessions i will have no more issues and that i will have 'great posture'. There is still a lot of work to be done, and i hope the upcoming sessions will deal with all of the issues.






(Part 4 and 5 are the actual workouts)

I showed the Neanderthaler No More article to my rolfer and asked his opinion on it.
He says it's interesting and there are good things on it, but he says he doesn't like the fact that it's 'one fits all' since he says people's body differ and some people may need custom exercises for their body type.

So i thought im going to do the program in combination with Rolfing, to boost up results and even better posture, untill i tried the First day program. I'm pretty confused.

First of all, i don't get the tempo notes, for example tempo 1011, tempo 1010, tempo 20X0

I did the suspine bridge exercise, and my lower back hurts a lil bit after doing them for a while, My back seriously tightens up after those. And yes i squuezed my butt and abs, still my lower back hurt in the upward position.

The Snatch grip deadlifts were OK, although i didnt have any idea howmuch weight to perform them, i felt it in my hamstrings a lil bit, but not really at all in my upper back as it says.

Then the Barbell Step Ups, Oh my god, this is when i really got frustrated and pissed off leaving the gym with a failure, seeing i had an even way bigger curve in my lordosis!

First of all i get this achy/stiff/stuck feeling in my middle/upperback, between my shoulderblades on my spine. I have a lil bit stuck vertebrae. But ok...
Then the stepping up, the description says you shouldn't push off with the rear leg, but i cant do it without initiating a little push up.
Also it felt so awkward, i was off balance since i had to use all my force and my legs weren't straight through the exercise.

I felt it very good in my hamstrings, but not too much in my butt.
At this point it was really hot in the gym (its summer and their airco sucks), frustrated with my shitty posture, and dissapointed that i couldn't even do half of the workout of the first day properly, i didn't even finished the workout and left with an even worst posture (temporaly) after stretching!
But i must say my hamstrings were sore as never before for the next 3 days after it, though my glutes slightly but not much.


Should i just stick to the rolfing and wait for the total results after the 10th session? And then just start regular strength training with proper from ( e.g. 5X5 StrongLifts).

Because i have the feeling this program is making things worse, i mean how can I do the exercises properly if my body isn't lined up correctly and the form is shitty.

Sorry for the unstructured use of English, i did my best to explain how i feel.
If anyone wants to help me out, help is greatly appreciated!


First thing. Learn patience. It doesn't happen over night.

Yes, stick with Rolfing if you want. If it's helping, why stop?

As for the exercises, use very light weights, get the motion down pat, THEN add some weight. Again, learn patience. Your body is changing and you are getting frustrated with it. RELAX.

And your practitioner is almost correct. The work out is generic for everyone, but you must learn to adapt to your situation. Jeet Kune Do kind of thing.


Another reason ppl get hurt aside from form and tightness is that certain areas are weak. Maintain strength in all heads of the shoulder, hips, and the entire posterior chain. Lighter weights don't make you injury proof they just lessen the risk (slightly). It is important to push yourself but do so intelligently while still having some balls (this takes experience).


First thought: although rolfing may be amazing, why would a rolfing practitioner ever endorse something that would get you to stop going to his sessions? Think about it. So, whether that Cressey program is good or not, he likely wants you to see him, pay him (it is his job after all).

Second thought: Yes that program is one-size-fits-all. You will have to only do the things which apply to you: e.g strengthen the midback, foam roll and gently stretch the whole chest area, and improve glute max and glute medius function, for a start.


It is a 1-size fit all program, but without a full assessment you'll never know exactly everything you need to work on with an individual focus so the grenade approach is the next best thing.

Do you have anyone in your area that can perform an assessment on you in the likings of Assess and Correct?


Yes, i am patient. But this is purely frustrating. The descriptions of the exercises aren't accurate enough. At the beginning it says to warm up with some ballistic/dynamic stretches that 'they will add later to the article' but that never were added.
Plus i still don't get how to read the tempo.

You are probably right, and that is what i am trying to fix. I started with silly bodybuilding routines, bad form squats and deadlifts which brought my body out of allignment.
After my body will be re-alligned by rolfing and maybe some extra exercises i will restart lifting focusing on form and main powerlifts (deadlifts, squats, rows, bench press, OHP, pullups/chinups only). I've learned my lesson with form.[/quote]

Yes Rolfing is amazing, i never thought your body could change so quickly, it seemed like kind of neuromuscular magic.
My Rolfing practitioner never said the program was bad and i shouldn't do it, in fact he agreed that i should try it and see how it goed. He just told his opinion on it, for the rest i think he has good intentions, he really wants to help me.

Yes i might just need to do just some specific things, but it's hard to figure out for me, since my upperback/between shoulderblades stiffness isn't mentioned in the article.

This is a really useful post. Thanks.
I live in Belgium, a country where physiotherapians, ostheopats, doctors etc. all know shit.
They all talk confident like they know their things and guarantee me that i will get cured by doing this and that. They really annoy me by wasting my time, energy and money and still having this big confident tone about how good they know their things( by the way most people in this country Belgium are like this, not only health practitioners).

For example, multiple of these ' well known specialists' told me i should train my back more to fix my hyperlordosis..
LOL. Thanks for making my hyperlordosis even worse and i even paid your for it Mister. I also wasted 130 euros on some orthopedic soles which made my legs and hips feel worse.
I go to the Netherlands ( a decent country where people truly know what they are talking about or at least do not pretend) to see a rolfer since my ' true specialists country' doesn't have any rolfers.

So no i don't have anyone legit in this country who can help me out, but big thanks, i'm buying the Assess and Correct program.
I think this is something that will work, unlike the Neanderthal No More article with unclear descriptions of the exercises and tempo.

Thanks for your contribution guys, i'm gonna check out the Assess and Correct thing and see if i can do it myself, sorry for my arrogant-ish typing, i'm just a little frustrated with my inablity to do real weightlifting at the moment since i love it, and pissed off the Belgian type of people.

PS: I don't get why my tag codes not work.


No worries.. If you do BUY Assess and Correct, and have any questions, post them on Mike Robertson's forum on his website. I'm sure someone there would be more than willing to help you out (assuming you've already done your due diligence).


I bought Asses & Correct and i am in the process of doing the Assessment part carefully.
Please follow and help me on my thread over here:


give time some time


Wow that Mike Robertson is a total dick.
I've made an account and posted questions on his forum.
After getting a reply telling me that he wouldn't give me free advice, and that that i should pay 1000USD for him to help me, i replied that i was just looking for an answer on three little questions.

The guy deleted my thread and account on his website.

What a total arrogant selfish guy. after i paid $127 for his Assess & Correct, he deletes my account and thread on his forum because i refused to pay him 1000USD for his professional help.
What does this guy expect, after acting like such a scammer that i send him 1000USD so he can run away with my money?