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Neanderthal No More + Velocity Diet

Any reason I shouldn’t do these together?

Woah. I really set the world on fire with this thread!

Perhaps I should elaborate.

Are there any issues with NNM and VD? Mainly I’m not sure if NNM is too high in volume while hypocaloric - or perhaps too low in intensity to maintain muscle mass.

Any thoughts?

If you’re someone who needs this program, then I can virtually guarantee that your posterior chain and back will grow no matter what you’re eating. Chances are that you haven’t been training them nearly enough, so they’re completely primed for growth. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Well, you wouldn’t have to keep hearing “Stand up straight and suck in your gut!”

Thanks for your replies.

I’ve only been doing NNM for a week and I’m already loving it. I think it’s mainly an improved awareness of my shoulder position at this stage but I already feel better.

haha Jilly I used to get that sort of thing from my parents all the time as a kid. I didn’t listen of course. If only they’d told me to slouch and stick out my gut I could have ignored that instead and had perfect posture.