Neanderthal No More Questions

My main question to the “Neanderthal No More, Part IV” workout routine is whether we’re allowed to add chess, arms, and legs to it? My main goal is to improve my posture so I’m curious because I don’t want to be counter productive.

Also I don’t understand what is meant by “global muscles” and “local muscles” at the beginning of the article. If they can be cleared up a bit for me that would be quite helpful. I’m planning on just following the routine so I don’t know what “local muscles” will have to be worked on daily. Let me know. Thanks.

From my experiance with trying to correct my posture it worked a lot better when I removed chest work it seemed to make everything tight that I was hoping to open up the only stuff I did was deep press ups and dips (if your shoulders can handle it ) making sure you dont cheat through them either .

But it took time and a long time at that :slight_smile: ohh and for your 2nd question havent got a clue .

It took a long time? How long?

And did you have to make an effort daily to keep a straight posture throughout the day in order for it to be corrected?

I started working on my posture over a year ago and read as much as I could because if you dont understand why you now have such bad posture truthfully it will be harder to fix. I do spend as much time out of my chair as possible try get up even just squeeze your glutes for a couple of minutes hook your back foot over the char get in a hip flexor stretch also Eric Cressey show me the money thoracic opener when you have the chance. How old are you ? just think of it this way i have probably spent the last 10 years practicing poor posture so 1 year is nothing in terms of fixing it.

I kept squating and deadlifting through out which I feel helped a lot teaches you to use muscles that we forget about sat on our backsides 90% of the time forgot to say in previous post.

Yeah I’m 23 so I guess I got time haha. But yeah I got some ebooks on posture so I’ll read them as well as do the workouts. Thanks for the advice.

If anyone still has any idea about the local and global muscles mentioned in the article please post something about it.