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Neanderthal No More/Pec Development


I’ve been training for 2 years. For a year or so I’ve seen barely any progress in my pec development. I think, it may be caused by a rotator cuff injury as my left pec and shoulder seem to “go off” when doing presses or any pec related exercise. I tried to workout through the pain for months but now I think I’ll take the right track. Due to that and my poor posture I’ve started NNM routine.

My question is: Should I avoid all kind of chest exercises for as long as I stay on NNM? I fear loosing the little chest development I’ve acquired!

BTW my left scapula seems to “wing” big time while bench pressing. Reading past articles, I got to the conclusion it’s probably caused by weak serratus. Should I add more serratus work to NNM? if so, what exercises?

(ART and massages are not an option, I’m a college student, and here in Spain it’s expensive to get good treatment.)

Thank you in advance,


There isn’t any “true” direct chest work in Part IV, so you should be okay. With that said, carefully monitor how you feel; this is not a rehabilitation program.

If you feel like one side’s serratus anterior isn’t kicking in, you can add in some extra single-arm DB protractions on that side.

I was referring to:

Saturday A1) Decline Close Grip Bench

but I suppose it’s close grip enough to make it a triceps exercise, not a pec exercise.

I’ll try single arm DB protractions. BTW DB Split Squat Isometric Holds HURT! (and I was only using 10kg dumbells).

All in all, a great routine, just a week on it and I’m already seeing results (maybe just mental?). I’ll post before and after pics if I improve my posture.

Thank you, EC.