Neanderthal No More, Kyphosis?

I am 18 years old and I have a slight-moderate case of scheuermann’s disease (kyphosis)and rounded shoulders. My doctor referred me to a chiropractor but it is $100 for every session and frankly way beyond my reach.

Is Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson’s NNM program safe for someone with my condition. And also I would like feedback from anyone with noticeable kyphosis who have used the program. What did you think? Imporvements? Any other suggestions?


Caeat: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. the following is an opinion only.

In reading about Scheuermann’s disease (so called), it seems that not only are Cressey’s and Robertson’s safe for you, but recommended. You’re still in the growth phase of the “disease” and the recommended treatment, so far as I’ve read, is a system of exercises to improve posture. That’s what Neanderthal No More is exactly.

Thanks for the advice skid