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Neanderthal No More IV

Has anyone tried the Neanderthal No More Program. I was wanting to start this next week and was curious of the results.

I did it real strict for two weeks, and then just did the external rotation and upper back stuff for two more weeks while doing Meltdown training. Now I use a few of the exercises for prehabilitation on a regular basis. I only had problems with my external rotation at the time and felt like my legs/hips were balanced which is why I did it like that. If you have posture problems, which would be apparent after examing your pics taken during Part 2 I believe, then this program rocks. I don’t feel like I had posture problems, but found the program to be very useful in helping me balance out my top end. It also was very useful in providing an abundance of exercises not normaly used or even known by the average non-T-Nation lifter. I’m still wondering what happened to part 5 though?

Word up, where’s part 5 at EC and MR?! I have been doing the program for the last 2.5 weeks while on a softcore cutting diet. I wanted to make sure I had everything in line before I started trying to put some weight back on. My problem was that I had been having lower back tightness, probably due to lordosis. I have been itching to get to some more traditional lifting, but I will say that a NNMIV workout will get you sweating and sore. The movements are all pretty cool and I have definitely been seeing and feeling results in my shoulders and back. Not so much in my hips unfortunately, but my core has been getting stronger and hopefully things will start to come into line.
As the saying goes, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” If you honestly evaluate yourself and think that your posture may be an issue, then I say go for it.

I got a posture analysis done by Eric Cressey. If you look at my pics, you can see that my arms are internally rotated big time. I’ve followed his recommendations for about a month, and I’ve seen a difference in how I walk and stand. My arms are pulled back more, closer to where they should be. My shoulder pain has decreased as well. I would say to give it a shot. Also check out the Get Your Butt in Gear series.

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