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NE World Breakers, May 6th


May 6th is the New England World Breakers in Massachuests. It is a three lift Powerlifting meet and there will be specialists in all three lifts, the meet will be RAW, DEBATE WILL BE OVER

Here is some guys I can think of who will be attending. Donnie Thompson, Travis Mash, Mike Wolfe, Scot Mendelson, Andy Bolton,Steve Goggins, Scott Albano, Sean Culnan, Mike Miller, Brad Gillingham (possibly), Beau Moore, Nick Winters, Phil Harrington, Josh Bryant (myself)

There are 26 guys so far, all are powerlifting champions in one or various feds. It will be great to see how strong people are. I am excited!!!


If interested in this meet and type of event look for the thread about Texas Strongest Man contest to be held in Grapevine, Texas on May 13th in conjunction with the Ronnie Coleman Classic.


do you know if Garry Frank and Brian Siders are both injured right now?

anyways, good luck Josh!


I believe Brian is not sure about Garry. How is life with the lovely Mr. Fannon gone? How the hell have you been?


my boy john bernor will be there...i expect him to do well-good luck to all that will be there


Good luck guys, God be with you.


so will Chris Taylor, I think John will have a great squat. I have seen him squat raw on video, very impressive!


training is going to be difficult for a while...Blaine told me that he's probably going to move out of state too...finding consistent training partners in the land of lattes and mountain bikes isn't easy...

I'm a new dad now (5 months) and life outside lifting is better than ever...

the NE no gear meet you're doing looks like it's going to be incredible...it would be great to see more meet directors putting on similar meets in the future...

hope all is going well with you!


congragulations that is awesome! boy or girl? Where is blaine going, Florida too? I can't imagine being up there I love it warm and bright. Texas is perfect for me.
You doing any meets in the future? Hopefully I run into you at another one, you are a class act


boy named Erik...

Blaine said that he'll either move to Arizona or Florida...seems like he's sick of the weather here too...

I'm rehabing my shoulder now and still not getting much sleep so don't have plans on competing anytime soon, but you never know...

don't know if I'm a class act or not...if the title 'Jackass' wasn't already taken I'd be a shoe-in LOL...

anyhoo...I've got money on you for the NE gearless meet so kicksome serious ass!


Well David looks like a nice healthy boy, that must be excited. I am preparing and am ready to do well. I apppreciate the confidence.


I'll be there to watch if at all possible (depending on school work, cost, and if I can find transportation there from Boston). Sounds like it's going to be a great competition.


Vinny Dizenzo will be there too, benching.

I heard they're going to have advertisements on spike tv the week before to increase public awareness, try to get a big turnout.


That lineup looks awesome, and what, about 2 months after the Arnold? There will be soem interesting comparisons there.


Well if you do decide to come watch, make a point to say hello!


hey i live right outside boston and really wanna check this out where is it being held


The Mullin Center (at U MASS) There will also be mixe martial arts fights and fitness women!


Ok. I'm there. Who wants to pick me up in Boston? I'll throw in gas money.


This looks absolutely apeshit! Anybody who is remotely interested in strength training who can get to this, should.

Powerlifting, MMA and fitness women all in the one spot. It doesn't get more testosteronie than that.

Good luck to you.


This is going to be a great meet...perhaps one of the best in a long time. Many people will be surprised by the weights lifted, both good and bad. I think 2300 will fall.