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NE Record Breakers


Does anyone know what time record breakers is supposed to start this weekend? I'm also looking to find the name of the actual venue, I know its at umass-amherst but i dont know the name of the venue for ticketmaster


Don't see what time it starts, but this looks like the venue

University of Massachusetts' Mullins Center


just saw it listed as starting at 11 am


Thanks dude. if anyone else is interested it's listed as the New England Strength Spectacular


From Donnie Thompson's handler:

Siders - squatted 845, benched 605, pulled 840ish.

Donnie - squatted 805 (took 865 in the hole but they would not give it to him), got his opener bench (should have been 550 unless he changed it), pulled 810.

Bryant - out with "injured elbow"

Ross - did not show

Good day for Siders (awesome considering it's one week after a meet), bad day for Donnie. Did not get a report on Miller.


Did Siders squat 845 or 785? I am seeing both.


Mike Miller squatted 600 and missed 810 on his last attempt. Alot of lifters didnt show up like Goggins and Harrington and alot were hurt.

Jeremy Hoornstra bench pressed 605# raw as a light 242#er (239#) at the NERB to officially surpass Mike MacDonald's raw 603# bench press record.

Sam Byrd came away with a 1730 total sq 705 squat 425 bench 600 dead at 210. Nick Winters hit an easy 650 in the bench.


Uh one guy there..sorry i forgot hsi name..set a world record of 625 in the bench. pretty sweet.