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NDT Thyroid-S Dosing

Bought some ndt thyroid-s today,one 60mg tablet= 1 grain contains 38 mcg of Levothyroxine (T4) and 9 mcg of Liothyronine (T3) .
How much pr day is a recommended starting dose? is there any side effects known? all the reviews is positive and its a natural product.

Asking this is isolation from other facts about your case is really not a great thing and with 12 threads in this forum a review of past traffic is not reasonable.

Start small and monitor body temperature response, alertness and clarity of thought. If you feel overheated or jittery, too much.

Effects can build over days. Making dose increases based on short durations might be a bad idea.

While you are bypassing some iodine needs, do not neglect selenium.

Natural product yes, but no advantage over a product that could have equal amounts of man made T3, T4. Bio-identical is the key concept. The advantage is mostly VS T4 only meds which comes to advantage for those who convert T4–>T3 poorly in peripheral tissues. T4–>T3 can be impeded when ferritin is low which is more of a problem with women and not expected with otherwise healthy males. Some who are poor at peripheral T4–>T3 probably gave genetic variations that effect key enzymes or gene expression for those enzymes.

ok thanks,you know my backround a bit,would 1/4 of a grain would be a ok start? I get 30mcg selenium a day from my multivitamine and some from the foods i eat daily,but when i supplement with pure selenium,just as low as 30 mcg in addition,i can sleep all day long,it just knocks me out.
Tryed to take low dose of it in the evening for 2-3 days in a row but totally zombie the day after therefore i have not taken it anymore.

I get about 70-80 mcg a day in total from foods and the multivitamine. Should i try the pure selenium for several days to see if i get less tired of it?