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NDT (Natural Desiccated Thyroid) And Hashimoto

Someone her taking this? people are very happy with this from SPS,thyroid-s. I really looking forward to to get some of this,for many its is case-closed on what regarding thyroid-problems after starting on this medication,it all even out. Its thyroid glands from cattle and pigs.

The healthsystem says i dont need to treat my condition,a private endo says i have hashimoto and need levothyroxine,i have low LH FSH,low free t and high shbg,and antibodies attacing my thyroid,only thing endo could do was give me clomid to see if it helps signaling,my regular doctor says im in no need for any medications and should ignore the high amounts of antibodies and just let them kill my thyroid completely,i myself are stuck with all the symtoms and know what is going on,the last try try is these NDT pills from SPS,if them does not do help,then i dont know.

look at the Thyroid UK sub-forum of health unlocked - lots and lots of info

I just started taking “NDT” this week … too early to tell but I got the feeling on the second day that all the fogginess had gone from my head

i’ll check that out,thanks.
Sounds like you have a good start there.

One of the reviews was based on the same problems i have,this person had tryed everything for several years without any good results,when he took NDT his foggyness went away,his shbg dropped and upped the free t,fat melted off and antibodies attacking the tyroid went substancially down,it all balanced itself out and thyroid-s from SPS is all he needs.

Did you buy the NDT from pimpomproducts?
thanks njay22.

oh wow!! that would be amazing - exactly the results I am looking for (besides the anti-bodies - I think those are fine from the blood tests)

no I did not buy from that website - although that is the best one to buy from

I bought simply on ebay.co.uk - natural sources ray thyroid; although when I run out I will buy from pimpom or thyroidgold

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NDT works better than levothyroxine (cause it contain both t3 and t4 and other stuff) but t3 sustained release works the best, (i don’t know if the other stuff in the NDT have any other benefits i didn’t find any studies that says that NDT patients feels better than on t3 or if there is any reason why it would).

my reasoning is t3 decrease “reverse t3” (inactive form of t3 which binds to the receptors instead of active t3), and t4 increases it which causes symptoms,

so pure t3 liothyronine will be a better replacement but you will have to take the sustained release every 12hours or the regular one(instant release) i think every 8 hours (not really sure about the half life for the instant release) and it peaks instantly so it might cause hyperthyroid symptoms so you will use lower dose and maybe more frequent,

which as you know you have to take t3 on empty stomach which sucks if you ate before bed time and you forgot your night dose(my doctor told me to wait an hour before eating i guess sustained release takes longer time to absorbs),

i take 60mcg “t3 sr” twice a day and i think i can increase more but my lab says other wise, now i have low rT3 and almost out of range high normal t3 and i have high blood pressure and resting heart rate but there is at least 10 different reason why and i dont really have any other symptoms of hyperthyroidism so we will wait couple of months before we changing anything,

now i cant really say i feel better but im sure once i stopped levothyroxine for a week i felt lot better even without any other medication(i felt like im overdosing on something i felt unconscious, i couldn’t concentrate on anything even with my vision i crashed couple of times in one month which i blame most of it on levothyroxine when i have been driving for atleast 5 years and never something similar happened before taking it, its hard to explain what i felt it was so weird),

when i started taking t3 and titrating to 60mcg i didn’t feel any difference but then i ran out of 60mcg i went to lower doses and wasn’t taking them daily so when i went back on 60mcg immediately and took guanfacine for add and high blood pressure i started to feel a difference but not sure if it temporary like always or placebo cause i still have some symptoms my doctor think it could be Lyme disease or something else so i cant really tell you anything for sure but its now eaiser to wake up and get out of bed and now i have motivation to live another day but im stuck with bad habits so im not really doing anything with my day other than going to the gym and school literally it been more than a year so im not sure how long it will take me to realize i can do more with my time and my start living my life normally again(i still sometime feel drops in energy and going to sleep couple of times a day for long time some times as much as 16 hours of sleep but it is better as long as i don’t exhaust my self i can get away with 6 hours of sleep a day).

while levothyroxine works for 20% of the population i think that’s what the statistics says, it doesn’t work for most cause of reverse t3 which doctor not just don’t test for but most don’t know it exist my previous doctor thought i meant t3 uptake so he ordered the wrong test that’s when i realized the thing he said to me was a lie like he treats patient based on symptoms not labwork and that he would changes my meds if i don’t respond well.

you should not ignore hashimoto and antibodies, i have been taking ldn 4.5mg (Low-dose naltrexone is it off label medication its kinda still experimental i guess but it works for lots of stuff including hiv but you will probably wont find a doctor who will prescribe it ) for maybe 2 months and i saw slight decrease in the lab works i would say less than 15% but its gonna take long time i guess (i havent been taking it regularly) or i might need to find the cause first my doctor have couple of theories why i got hashimoto one theories is its a combination of couple of viruses that i tested positive for and false positive for lyme disease and other things that weakens my immune system.

hashimoto needs different treatment than your thyroid meds and iodine helps sometimes alot but its not a cure its a supplement to keep it from getting worse

high shbg is another issue clomid might not work for you, do you know your e2 level?

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Some cases of Hashi’s have been reversed with iodine+selenium.

Lack of selenium is the root cause and lack of iodine has lead to years of elevated TSH over stimulation. TSH may have been higher in the past.

Body temps been posted before?

Hyper is not elevated T3 in isolation.

When very few doctors understand these issues it is not hard to find disagreement.

Fo95: My best option now is to try the NDT and see how that goes. I am not ignoring hashimoto and antibodies,its just that the doc is is ignoring this. they,the doctors know thyroid-problems causes imbalances all over the place but takes this stand to it. im tired of nagging about my problems to doctors and try to make them listen,but i have to fix this shit.

I was prescribed clomid but have not picked it up yet. Estradiol is at 90pmo/l.

ksman: after i started take hi potency b-complex,selenium and iodine,along with a cleaner diet with alot of vegetables,alot the symptoms i had is now less,im less irritable,better sleep,i have not experienced any racing heart or hard beats,i dont sweat or feel very cold or warm like before,so things is better but im stil depressed,low motivation,weak and dont burn fat,i have the symptoms of low t and im tired of it…
with these improvements,can i now start trt?

Body temps have not been checked,i’ll do that.

We do see some guys with panic attacks and related get that resolved by addressing thyroid issues which often involves those essential minerals. However, the next weak links can remain. TRT may resolve some of those.

With the progress you have made, starting TRT may be a good thing.

With some symptoms resolved, using NDT should be after evaluation of oral body temps, waking and mid-afternoon.

i understand. I’ll get a new thermomter on monday,didnt find a battery to the old one and with that i didnt do anything more to it,but ill get to it.

Thanks for guiding me,things are going in the right direction for sure,but as you say trt may be a good thing.

I get those temps up next week,thanks.