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ND Voter ID Law?

The state of North Dakota just passed a law restricting voting abilities to citizens with residential addresses, potentially alienating many citizens with P.O. Boxes as addresses, and almost guaranteeing the large Native American population who live on reservations will be unable to vote.

Just curious what people’s opinions are on this, and anybody please fill me in on any facts I may have missed/gotten wrong.

Standard GOP tactic being employed across the country.


God forbid people need to prove residency to vote in an election. You forgot to mention supplemental proof of residency is accepted for those with PO Boxes, like a utility bill or some such similar document. Standard Dem tactic to lie about yet another issue.

A 6-2 Supreme Court ruling in favor of the law is pretty definitive. But hey, lets not let facts get in the way of dead people and illegals voting.

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If only that congressional committee Trump put together was able to find it happening.

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Dead people?

Many people affected by it, such as Native Americans, live in very remote places, and don’t have consistent access to modes of transportation. And, how much work will be put into making sure people are aware that they have this option (finding other ways to prove residency)? Not everybody is aware of that.

A utility bill is not all that’s needed - a process needs to be gone through, involving “approval” of the address and a new ID.

Yes, it is still possible to vote. But it appears that a Republican led law that makes it much harder for a demographic that typically votes in favor of Democrats to actually vote, has been passed.

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It’s nowhere near as impact as the level of gerrymandering they’ve undergone in the last decade or two.

Given republicans can’t seem to sway more people than Democrats, despite Dems having much more glaring flaws on most days, they realized under Obama the only chance they had was to manipulate the voting blocks since they couldn’t manipulate the voters

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Dems don’t gerrymander? Come on now. You are correct that Dems held a lock on voter manipulation by being the party of “free” stuff and “they’ll take your social security away!” Sadly the establishment Republicans got on the free stuff bandwagon in order to stay relevant.

I don’t get the nashing of teeth over having to prove who you are to be able to vote. You need government ID for every single other government program for the poor (SNAP, Section 8, SSI etc…). There are zero people upset that the poorest people in our society need to prove who they are to get benefits. But it’s a big burden when it comes to voting time? BS

In California they are giving illegals drivers licenses, and automatically registering them to vote so long as they “attest” that they’re citizens.

If you care to look you can find project veritas videos of undercover reporters getting voter registrations with Columbian passports and all sorts of nonsense.

I find it hilarious people point to the states refusing to turn over voter data as proof there’s no fraud. It makes about as much sense as a DA saying: “Well the suspect didn’t respond to the subpoena, so there must be no crime here.”

“The New Motor Voter Act was passed in an effort to improve voter turnout, and while this law does automatically register citizens to vote when they obtain or renew their driver’s licenses, that action only applies to citizens who have already attested and/or documented an eligibility to vote.”


In the same conversation as GOP gerrymandering? Not even close. It’s like comparing GOP sponsored welfare and Dem sponsored welfare. They’re not even the same sport.

I don’t get the nashing of teeth over suddenly requiring ID to vote when it was never required before. Especially given Trump wasn’t able to find fraudulent voting with his own commission. Even the red States weren’t playing ball with his ego driven need to have won the popular vote.

  1. Trump wasn’t on the commission.
  2. Saying “they can’t find anything” when they were given nothing to work with is a bit disingenuous.
  3. Trump’s ego aside voter fraud does happen. Cough Chicago cough. Is it 100 cases per election or 1,000 or 10,000? We don’t know because nobody will look into it in a serious way.
  4. You’ve always had to prove who you are and be on a roll to vote. Everyone in modern society must have a photo ID to function. It’s rather efficient to use that ID to verify you’re the same person on the roll.
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Trump created the commission. And duh he wasn’t on it. They don’t meet at golf courses. Nor do presidents sit on congressional commissions.

It’s also factually correct. And given red States also weren’t working over information (unless the GOP is also fudging votes) it seems like a useless distinction.

Sure it does. So does lightning striking a moving car. We just don’t really care about things that rare as a society.

I’ve never been required to show ID to vote, maybe it’s an Ohio thing.

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Also, this is patently adorable. ESPECIALLY from a libertarian. New govt imposed control of the masses, and it’s specifically, knowingly, intentionally happening before we can even prove it’s a problem.

I’m in favor of creating laws without knowing if it even needs to exist justmuch as the next guy, but jeez this line is flimsly

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They got on the ‘They’re coming for your entitlements!’ bandwagon too.

Because it is explicitly intended to disenfranchise Dem voters.

You forgot buying groceries–I hear you need ID to do that too.

Even if true–what does that have to do with voting in ND?

The proof that there’s no fraud is found in the fact that the GOP has been frantically searching for it for years, and can’t find any.

Neither of these statements is true.


Seriously? In the past when you walked up to a polling place and said “I’m John Smith” chances are somebody there could reasonably assume it was you, or actually knew you.

Remember when only land owners could vote? I’ll bet you just couldn’t rock up and claim to be a land owner with no proof.

And as a libertarian, someone else’s vote represents a claim on my property and the property of my progeny if they vote for people who want more taxes, currency debasement and spending (future taxes). Both reps and dems spend us into oblivion.

Why on earth wouldn’t I want to limit the number of people with a claim on my property to people who are at least legally allowed to vote? Rule of law be damned I guess.

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So we’re adjusting the Constitution with the times? You’re a living document guy? Wot?

I’d be open to you providing literally any evidence this was the case.

So you’re instead in favor of the govt “liberating” the cost of a qualifying ID from people in order to vote? Before we can even demonstrate it’s necessary?

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I’m not a libertarian myself. Show some Id.

I’m with you @Basement_Gainz. I seriously don’t understand the issue with having to show ID to vote.

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They sure did. Two party system… feels bad man.

There are lots of poor Rep voters who live in the middle of nowhere. The inconvenience of going to the DMV when it’s 30 miles away with no busses is arguably GREATER for the poor GOP voter than it is for the average poor Dem voter.

The OP seemed annoyed they passed such a law. I highlighted a few examples of why such a law would be useful.

Except a two second Google search produced 19 convictions in NC for illegals voting in the last election (above). That’s a result of a search for motor voter laws, not even voter fraud convictions. I could spend all day and find more convictions, but that wouldn’t make you care about them.

The Dems are opposed to even cleaning up the dead people and people who moved off the voter rolls because it may “disenfranchise” people.

At what point was it legal to vote as someone who was either a. unregistered and/or b. not who they said they were? You cannot interface with the federal government in any way without some type of identification. You can’t file taxes, answer a census, appear in court etc… Why should voting be any different?

I think this is one of those no-brainer conversations you can have solely through meme…