Ncsugrad's TRT Log / Diary

I’m starting this thread so I can keep a log of my venture down TRT lane.

I started this thread originally:

Quick summary:
-Started having low test issues about a year ago. Lower libido, long refractory period, difficulty orgasming, sexual sensation was lacking. Also have lower drive, getting way less done at work, tired all the time, etc.

-Had a few blood tests between then and now but didn’t realize how important FREE test is. My total test is good, but my SHGB is insanely high. Estradiol on the low side as well

-Had another round of tests done last week w/Defy Medical (results below). Free test is super low. SHBG is super high.

-Sent in my physical to them today, so I’m hoping to get a consult scheduled with them as quickly as possible

-One thing worth noting is I used to take finasteride. I stopped taking it when all this started and for a long time have attributed my issues to “PFS” and believed there was no cure, etc. I’m not so sure that is the case any more.

-If given the choice, I will likely do HCG + 100mg test and see how I react. Hopefully, well.

I’ll update the thread as things progress.


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Had my call with Defy today. Because my total T is decent they want to try something other than HCG or TRT first to see if they can get my SHBG down.

That includes things like boron, DHEA, zma combo and fish oil

I’m not thrilled to not go straight to the stronger stuff but I guess I am going to try it their way

We’re going to do some basic blood tests in about 6 weeks and if there isn’t movement then we’ll probably go to HGC next

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What would you guys suggest trying in terms of test / HCG doses and schedule?

100mg/week test and 500 IU HCG, e3.5d dosing perhaps?

I keep seeing that high SHBG people need fewer but larger doses so I’m not sure how much that is. Is 50mg at a time enough?

With high shbg, you’ll be pushing 180test per week. I use e3.5d .45 200test.

Very weird to me they won’t put you on trt. No chance in hell that shbg gets lowered much. Even if it did your tt would drop through the floor.


I’m certainly no expert on this topic, but i’m also a high SHBG guy, and with all the reading and good tips i found here and all over the net…??? Boron, DHEA, ZMA, Fishoil?? maybe if you strugle with a few points over the limit, like 60/65, ( or at least that is what you can find on this) and most suprising is that Defy med. is trying this, i could only find great things about them.
From what i understand is that DHEA is a crapshoot, either your test or your E2 will go up.
Boron and other shit…for this amount of SHBG…i will follow your log so keep us posted, i have to wait till the end of july for my next try with a specialist, and no mather the outcome, i will jump back on TRT, with or without there help, i know my problem now, SHBG to high…last time they checked was 118…so i will start with 200mg every 5th day, and then will see from there what my bloodwork and my body tells me.


Thanks, good info. That’s more test than I was expecting

I agree. To be fair though, she did say if I gave it 6 weeks or so and it didn’t drop a significant amount or I didn’t feel way better then they would prescribe HCG+TRT. She basically wanted to try it first just because my TT was still decent and she didn’t want to possibly jeopardize that. I’m sure she deals with people all day long that WISH they had plenty of natural T production but don’t, so she didn’t want to risk that in me until we tried a less invasive option

I was thinking the same regarding my TT dropping though… at some point if you take out all that SHBG and start freeing up all that test, it seems like my “total test” would get used up quick. I’d even say my TT is so “high” because my SHGB is pretty much just storing all my test that my balls are making and barely any is being available for use Maybe that isn’t how it works, but that’s how I’ve always pictured it in my head

Yeah… agreed, I was surprised too. See my posts regarding them offering more if I wasn’t seeing improvements in 4-6 weeks. I am doing it on my own at this point. I just can’t stand to wait longer now that I feel like I’ve FINALLY figured out why I feel like this. I’d just really rather have a prescription for it since I travel so much and don’t really want to carry about testosterone and syringes with me through airport security without a prescription.

From what they suggested it seems like Boron was the only one that had a real chance at working. I started taking it yesterday and will keep taking it.

I took 60mg of test E and 375 IU’s of HCG on Tuesday to get things started. From the looks of it, I might should have gone a bit (a lot?) higher

yep, higher would be the best…my mistake in my 10 yrs of own TRT was going lower and more time between injections ( i know now), and now, when looking back i see why my first years of TRT did most for me, by then i injected 1ml every 7th day of test e or c, and when the years past, i started to inject way less and waited between 10 and 12 days for the next shot, so things went sideways and i started messing more and more with dosis and timespan…but anyhow, with you allready taking Testosterone, there is now way to tell if the shit they gave you will work…and they must notice on your bloodwork that you’re allready jumped the gun? Look, i’m off TRT for almost 10 months now, found a hormone specialist in another country and my blood and urine is tested as we speak, results would take 4 weeks so 2 weeks from now, and the first spot they had was the end of july…i’m Climbing the walls here, and feeling like shit, but i hope that my patience will be rewarded with the help i need, cause i know what will work…maybe a litlle to late, but better discuss it with defy and see what that shit does for you without taking Testosterone on your own, i cant immagine that your doc will be happy to here that you threw there advice out of the window without putting them on notice ( i assume thats the case)…

I agree, and understand where you’re coming from… I really should just suck it up and deal with it for 4 more weeks and follow the doctors orders. It’s already been a year after all, what’s 4 more weeks? I could not take any additional testosterone and do just that… I can’t imagine one 60mg dose is going to have much of an affect on blood tests 4-6 weeks from now, but I could be wrong, obviously.

But I’m not sure if I will or not to be honest. I may talk to the doctor and push them on letting me go to TRT now instead of later so I don’t have to play games. I think if I had pushed a little more they would have done it but they were trying to take the least invasive route first (understandably) and I was trying to be open minded at the time. Once I realized how ridiculous my SHBG numbers were though it made me think there’s no point in trying Boron…

Just some quick updates

Last two mornings have been the craziest morning wood I remember in a long time. Like, go downstairs, get some water, go back up, get in the shower and it’s still going strong, haha. Usually it’s nothing or doesn’t last past getting out of bed.

Whether it’s related or coincidence who knows, but I’m not complaining about whatever it is

you don’t need trt. your tt is sky high naturally. You just need to lower shbg and your free test will be what everyone here is trying to achieve artificially. Listen to defy.

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And how am I supposed to do that reliably? Boron?

well, just spend a hour researching BORON…hmmmm outcome ???
Sold worldwide by every nutrition company and testbooster shit…but not a single review from anyone who batlles HIGH SHBG and shared his info on this super element.
in my brain 1 plus 1 is 2, but maybe i missed something…and yes i found ALL the so called research on this stuff, but the fact remains that no one in this world is willing to share the outcome?? Even more disturbing is the wiki page, when you read what it is and where its used for…but safe for humans in the right dose…

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finaly…a review with bloodwork

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Sounds promising, haha

Any other ideas to lower shbg?

I’ve continued with taking Boron, Magnesium and DHEA daily. I haven’t been taking the Zinc for fear of it lowering my Estradiol even more. No more HCG or TRT.

I am cautiously optimistic that I at least have some small improvements from doing this. If TRT would be a big improvement over this, I don’t think I would know what to do with myself, lol. I’ve never had trouble with mentally “wanting” sex, but that physically “needing it” or craving it feeling has been lacking the last year, which has really sucked. I feel like I’ve gotten a little bit of that back.

Whether it’s placebo, real or just a coincidence, I have no idea. But I’ll take what I can get. A few days ago was the first morning “success” I’ve had in literally 6+ months (probably longer) plus I haven’t had any issues with going numb which has meant no “did not finish” episodes. I really, really hope I’m moving in the right direction.

I’m giving it 3-4 more weeks and then going to do some basic blood tests to see if anything has improved there.

Well, scratch the feeling better part.

I’m back to feeling bad. Thursday I was OK, Friday I was getting worse and Saturday I felt like I back to baseline (not in a good way). I feel like my test and E are super low again

-Sexual sensitivity has gone downhill significantly
-Difficulty orgasming has returned
-Extremely dry skin is back despite it being hot/humid here. The skin on my toe literally ripped when I bent it too far yesterday
-Chapped lips are back
-Tired, no motivation, borderline depressed

So. The issue, as I’m sure most of you are already thinking, is I don’t know if this is because Boron/etc. aren’t working, or if this is just a temporary downturn because of me jumping the gun and going ahead with test/HCG. I suspect only time will tell.

I haven’t decided what to do yet. I’m going to try to wait it out another week or two and see if I have any improvements. If not, I am going to get back in touch with Defy and try to move forward with TRT/HCG. I got a taste of what feeling more normal felt like, so it really sucks to go backwards again. I just want to feel normal.

The exogynous test has left the building, but you’re not producing yet, or at least not producing enough.

Pretty much.

Now I have to decide whether to try to wait it out and then hope all the boron, etc stuff is going to help once my natural production returns, or call defy and cry until they let me go ahead with TRT of some sort. Or I can do it myself. I have everything needed, I’d just rather it be prescribed for legal reasons.

I’m miserable right now and leaning towards Defy. I don’t have much hope that supplements are going to do jack for shbg with as high as mine is.

I feel like shit. Numb dick and all