I’m interested to find out who the T-men will be pulling for in the NCAA’s - for those who will be following it. Consensus where I work leads to Shane Battier taking those damn dukies to the promised land. Personally, I’ll be rooting for my beloved Illini (Class of 98)…but I think they’re right about Duke.

Da Bears, from Cal. All they gotta do is knock off Fresno St. and Mich. St, then it’s smooth sailing into the finals where they will get their revenge on Stanford or Arizona.

MARYLAND is hot right now!!!

I think Duke’s gonna win it all too, even though I don’t like the bastards. I really don’t have a favorite team, but if I was forced to root for one, I’d have to go with Stanford. But I always enjoy rooting for the underdog in any given game. I think a lot of us T-men would agree to that!

Can Hear a Hell yeah for the Southern Utah University Thunderbirds!!!
Its their first time to the Tourney.
Led by Jeff Monaco and Fred “Take it to da House!” House!
Go Birds!

I got to Columbus State University(Division II) in Georgia and our girls basketball team is the only undefeated team in the nation. so im pulling for them to win it all. Oh you mean DI. haha. Im hoping for Stanford because I got their cap on my Pepsi One bottle. I want that free hat or whatever it is i win.

I’m surprised this didn’t get a little better response…so far the tourney has been pretty sweet. Lots o’ upsets and diaper dandy ball games. I bet Dickie V’s having one helluva time trying to hit the sack at night, with visions of slammin-jammin, bus-warmin’, coast-to-coast action going thru his head, like a little kiddo on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a team per se, but I’m from the midwest so I usually pull for the Big Ten and wouldn’t mind seeing the Illini take care of business. Nice to see the home-state Butler Bulldogs and Sycamores from Indiana State pull some updates…and the Hoosiers choke again. Go Boilers in the NIT!

Fresno State as an underdog. Just watched them win. My home town Dogs. Hey gotta be a winner, Bulldogs, on this site. Anyway, beat Cal no problem. But, #1 Michigan next. Duke will probably win it all, but hey, gotta give my Dogs credit so far, hangin’ with the big dogs.

well, Dogs go down. Michigan was a better team today. Tark said we would have to play our best game and Michigan an average game to win. He was right.

Damn, did you see Old Miss. Good game with Notre Dame. That 5’5" guard for Old Miss, may be funny looking next to the land of the giants, but, boy can shoot.

Home town Nittany Lions Baby (ok well home state, I live near scranton ) I love it…grinnin ear to ear…if we can get past Temple…elite 8 maybe?