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Who’s everyones picks Mine is GONZAGA!!! go ZAGS. 76-70 over maryland for the championship!

Right teams, wrong result. Maryland takes it all, but I’m rooting for Gonzaga. They got totally screwed with the seedings. Maybe after they knock out some of the “heavyweights” this year they’ll finally get some respect next season.

OKLAHOMA!!! Go Sooners!

if duke plays 100% it will be duke over maryland in the championship. thats what i have in my pool but i am more than willing to give up $ to see gonzaga take the cake

Cael Sanderson at 197 will win it all. Minnesota the team.

Cant go against my school-terps all the way


Gotta go with U of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Go Bows. Then my other team would OSU Beavers, but they suck again. So I’ll go for the Ducks.

maryland lost to NC State last week… theyre not going far.


Yeah, GGGGOOOOO ZZZAAAAGGGGSSSS!!! Oh wait, better not think past Wyoming. Oh yeah, they did and lost.

Gonzaga is a joke!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!

What about Creighton’s stunning double OT win with 3 pter with 0.2 secs left trailing by 2 pts? I think that sorta thing…is sweeeeet!