NCAA Withdrawal!

You guys KNOW I love College Sports (much more than the pro’s), so I’m having a little withdrawal here! Just wanted you guys thoughts on some topics to hold me until the fall!

1)Maryland’s Championship? I felt happy for the players and coach…was depressed about Duke’s loss…again…the tournament seems to get better every year. Your pick for next year? Still gotta go with Duke.

2)Who are the Division 1 Football Pre-Season favorites? Things in “The Swamp” should be interesting without Spurrier.(I am STILL intrigued about him as a Pro coach. THIS SHOULD BE VERY INTERESTING!) There have been too many guys jumping to the Pro’s, but if I’m not mistaken, Miami is the top pick again? (Unclear).Florida is getting like Texas used to be with turning out some AWESOME football talent. Until he retires, JoePa will continue to be a story. The SEC and Big-12 should still be the strongest Conferences overall. (In my estimation).

Well…hopefully this will get us started! Your thoughts?

I hear you, but I have to disagree about Duke. Williams should be going pro so there goes the all important point. However, if Williams stays, they should be the team to beat (he needs to work on shooting FT though). If Gooden returns, Kansas should be up there as well. However, my early pick would have to be Arizona. But then again, I don’t follow basketball as much as I do football. As for football, I think it will be hard for Miami to repeat, they do have a lot of experience returning. PSU should have another mediocre season, so unfortunately, Bowden should be surpassing JoePa. Can’t wait for the fall!

Cael Sanderson, this year won his fourth NCAA wrestling title after going undefeated in his college career. Personally i feel this is the most amazing collegiate athletic accomplishment ever.

The Seminoles will bring the national championship home to Tallahassee. They had a young inexperienced team last year that started 7 sophomores on defense. With all the returning talent and the recruiting class this year the 'noles should be able to make a run. Chris Rix has a year of experience under his belt and just look at what he did last year as a freshman. Their top two receivers are also back after missing last year with knee injuries. The gators should be down a little this year and miami is always tough but FSU should have enough to come out on top.

Duke will be strong next year but they will have to find someone willing to step up and take the big shot like Williams did this year. I think the team to watch next year will be UCONN. They were very young this year but they still made the elite 8 and pushed Maryland till the last minute. Kansas always finds a way to choke in the tournament so I never figure them to make a serious bid for the championship.

I agree Cael Sanderson put on the best collegiate performance ever, in any sport. Maybe even the best performance is sports ever. Have to see if he can match or exceedJohn Smith’s international performance. One thing about Cael, no one ever talks about his loss during his redshirt year when he was wrestling unattached at the UNI open. I know it doesn’t count since he was redshirting, but you would think someone would mention it.

BTW, Southern California wins the Pac-10 football title next year.

you want to read the best story about the most winningest coach in college football history…check this: “For the Love of the Game: College Football Dreams and Realities Inside Paterno’s Program” written by Ken Denlinger