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NCAA testing(short)

im sure im being paranoid about the subject, but please affirm what i think ive read. i believe the NCAA only gives tests year-round to D-1 track and footbal players. D-2 and 3 athletes only run the risk of a test if they are involved in post season play. does it sound like ive got it correct? heres the link(the 2 drug testing programs at the bottom of the list) if you need to brush up. -thanks

I played division II baseball and I got called in for a drug test before the season even started my junior year. I had NOTHING to worry about though, so it was no big deal. The only thing that sucked was that they told me to not go to the bathroom in the morning…so I had to hold it in till I got tested. Lets just say I had no problems filling the cup…haha.

they give it to all d1 athletes and its random it can happend at anytime during the season.

I think those NCAA Division I tests are anything but random. If I remember right they did only test football and track and field. Anyway on the track team they always tested the throwers, and on the football team they always tested the kickers. They didn’t want to catch any football players because it was a revenue sport, but they did want to catch the occasional thrower so they could say that the drug testing program is working. We had a fairly large track team but it was the same people getting “randomly” picked every year. I was tested twice and another thrower was tested 3 times (the NCAA came in once a year).

No they ARE random, i just got off a sport other then the ones u mentioned and i was tested 2 times other then the test everyone gets pre-season. Everysport-males/females for d1 athletes, i can assure this.

I’m sure they test more than just football and track and field, although I don’t remember other sports being tested while I was in college. I still stand behind my belief that it isn’t entirely random though. Because it was always the same thing: Kickers get tested in football (probably the least likely athletes to be using steroids) and throwers got tested for track and field (probably the most likely athletes to be using steroids). Based on simple math be chance of one athlete get selected “randomly” 3 times is highly unlikely.

I was tested once in season as a lacrosse player.

Several friends who play DI lacrosse told me there’s only NCAA testing once you pass the 1st round of postseason play, then it’s randomn. Everyone has to take a university drug test though, which I believe actually doesn’t include steroids.