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NCAA Tested Athlete Needs Help


I am a division 1 college athlete..last year at a junior college I took test e and clomid for pct cause they didn't test for it there...now I'm in the NCAA where they do test for it..I took 500mg of test e for roughly 12 weeks which ended January 24th and started my clomid two weeks after that for about a month..I know the detection times online say three months for test e but I want to be sure..it has been eight months.do you think I am in the clear for a NCAA drug test?


You’ll be more than fine. I have friends who play D1 Football who have passed tests after a couple months, and you’re @ 8.


if they’re just measuring your free and total testosterone levels then you will be fine, 8 months is way more than enough time.


Thanks a lot…what about clomid…I took an oral version…does anyone know how long that stays in your system?


Not 8 months. Like the above said, a LOT less.