NCAA Steroid Testing

Hi, I took a total of 500mg of Enanthate from March 3-April 10. I just found out I am being tested two weeks from yesterday (May 2) according to NCAA protocol. I know the detection rate is 3 months but I was wondering if it would be different for this amount since it is much less than what most take AND I am a female. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


how exactly did you dose the testosterone?

being female, there is a much smaller margin of error in your total testosterone. i’m not sure how your T:E ratio would be affected… do you know if you’re having a CIR test, or is this just a regular urine test?

Thank you so much for responding! I am desperate for any thoughts or guidance. I am so naive, stupid and have no one I can talk to. I did roughly 75mg every week and a half I’d say for almost 5 weeks. Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of the dates, only know I did nine doses of 25mg each, starting March 9 with my last three doses between March 27-April 9. I was super lean prior to starting and still am. I train hard, at a very high intensity several hours a day. And like I said I am a female. It is a urine test. I believe similar to NCAA’s testing. Thank you so much!

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well, if it’s a urine test, i believe they are looking for metabolites of various PEDs, as well as the T:E ratio, and possibly total testosterone (i’m not 100% sure they can get that from urine, tho).

the half-life of testosterone enanthate/cyp is around 5 days in men. so that would mean, about every week the total dose would taper down to half of the initial dose… however, i believe the half-life might be longer in women, in part due to estrogen and the increased SHBG.

men have 7-8 times more testosterone than women, in general. most guys will have testosterone levels on the upper range with 150-200 mg/wk of test e/cyp. so if we divide that down, 25 mg/wk would put most women in their upper range…

with all that being said, i think that you’ve been “off” long enough for your testosterone levels to come down by the time you’re tested. unfortunately, i’m not very knowledgeable on “doping,” so i can’t give you much more specifics…

also, out of curiosity, is it common knowledge when your drug tests are normally?

FWIW, if you continue to use PEDs in the future, i’d suggest looking into testosterone prop, testosterone suspension or TNE, and take them at night. that way, they were partially out of the system in the day when you’re more likely to be tested. (this is apparently what Lance Armstrong and his team did with testosterone and hGH).

you should also get bloodwork done on your own to verify your blood levels, and adjust accordingly…

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I know you are “guessing” to an extent but it gives me a little bit of encouragement. I read so much info yesterday to the point where it all blends together but I think I understood that high intensity training could help lower the testosterone levels, and like I said I have done that nearly every day for 2-3 hours since I stopped. Praying that is true and that it will have helped. I have never done anything like this before. I just got injured and thought it might help me come back and recover a little faster which I believe it did but now I am dealing with this and just not sure it was all worth the anxiety and stress it is causing as well as the potentially “positive” test results. Ugh. Anyhow, thanks again!

Is it too late for me to take the test suspension or TNE? I will not do this again, I have learned my lesson, it is not worth it. And yes, there is a window of time where I know I will be tested, it is just much sooner than I initially thought it would be… Thanks again!