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NCAA/Olympic Wrestling Movies.


Does anyone know of any movies (not hollywood kind... Like the UFC videos you can buy) of NCAA or Olympic wrestling?

I'm really in the mood to watch some and since ESPN and all other Sports networks hardly ever, if ever, show any real wrestling, I NEVER get to see it...

Although I do believe i'm going to start going to College meets here in Phoenix next season.

While we're on the subject, how many of you are into this kind of wrestling? I know there are a few active wrestlers on T-Nation.


I'm a big fan. Google Real Pro Wrestling. You could also look around for submission grappling matches in your area. It's MMA without striking. High school wrestling can also be very entertaining, particularly state or section championship tournaments.


We ussed to watch old NCAA championship films at wrestling camp (in the '80s) so they are definitely out there. Usually its the equipment manufacturers that put these out so you might want to check ASICS or mat manufacturers,etc. I'm sure something would turn up if you Google it.



Getting a little tired of watching "Vision Quest" over and over again, eh?


Yeah I really enjoy watching NCAA wrestling since i do wrestle. But seriously some of the old Cael Sanderson matches are amazing. Its awesome that someone can make it all the way through college without ever losing.


Ever see any Dan Gable films??? His 1972 Olympic Gold Medal domination is one of the truly great performances in sports history. To not give up a point in 6 matches is unbelievable. And talk about a workaholic. He trained 7 hours a day, every day for 3 years leading up to the Olympics.



I do like the movie... But something about Matthew Modine beating Shute just erks me...


That's all my HS coach used to talk about... Dan Gable. Arm Bars. Dan Gable. Arm Bars. Ugh, just got the shivers.