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NCAA Football 2017 - AL vs GA poll at post 121

Michigan and Alabama looking ready

Maryland beat Texas…What’s happened to the Longhorns? Are they no longer able to recruit? They used to be a powerhouse. Washington didn’t look that good, Oklahoma and OK State (meh) , ACC had a easy time and most of the SEC played chump games. As for Ohio State, I cannot discuss them in a professional manner…

Longhorns had a couple of heavy recruiting years before this year, so there was less potential for quantity. But that was previous coach trying to rebuild program after Mac Brown sort of let recruiting slide.

Weak competition overall, Inequity of tv money due to Longhorn Network which ran off A&M and Nebraska, coach turnover, lack of athletes making pros,Big 12 sucks

Horned Frogs looked pretty good against Arknasas, Beat them at their own game on their home field.

If the competition is so weak, why can’t UT beat it?

Oklahoma probably missed a couple of more scoring chances. Handled OSU.

My 2nd paragraph refers to Big 12. There are no perennial national contenders other than OU & UT, with UT on a bad streak for years. I would say TCU and Baylor (maybe OK St also) have gotten a lot of players from UT with better programs, including very good coaches.

Not a UT follower btw, mostly OU for the last 15 - 20 years

I have nothing but love for OU but about the only perennial competitor for the NC at the moment is Bama. TCU has felt the increase in competition which leads to the more cyclical nature that comes from playing at the highest level. UT is over rated and has been for years, the only championship they qualify for is fanbase arrogance. Just because the talent is diluted doesn’t mean conference is weak. TCU and OSU have made incredible commitments in every sport. Baylor is imploding because they let Briles win at all cost. WVU seems to be a contender now too, K-State is almost always solid.

Great college football day. Horned Frogs and Bama romped!

@FlatsFarmer @ActivitiesGuy - you guys watching ncaaf this year?
7 upsets and nearly 3 others in top 25

I have been slacking this season. Tennessee games are just sucking all the enthusiasm out of me. Also, I’m turning old, and I’ve fallen asleep for a couple big Saturday night games!

But it seems like a great time to start watching more closely! All these 1 loss teams hanging around should make things exciting down the stretch!

The coolest thing so far is Richt /Georgia and Miami. Georgia fires Mark Richt, he ends up at Miami, and now both teams are better for it. Its cool when that happens.

Former Coach Tommy Tuberville is cool as a broadcast announcer. I kinda secretly root for Jalen Hurts a little bit.

I went to the TCU Kansas game Saturday. Game was pretty boring but I stayed to see if the TCU D could hold Kansas to negative yards. Kansas ended up w 21 in the positive.

It has been a really fun year and I am taking it 1 game at a time. Frogs are at much improved #25 Iowa State Saturday.

Actually made the trip to Manhattan for KState last week. Excellent game day experience (except for the weather).

BAMA has destroyed everything in their path. Hope they can keep it up (unless they meet TCU).

I looking forward to watching Penn State vs Ohio State.

Oklahoma has not looked that great this year - winning but barely.

@Spike9726 Seeing ISU winning is as odd as Kansas actually having a team several years ago.

With all the internal parody in the conference (except the SEC), it really is going to be the first tough decision for the CFP committee. A couple intriguing choices IMO will be a 1 loss Clemson ACC champ or possibly a 1 loss or undefeated Miami team that wins the conference vs a 1 loss Georgia or Notre Dame. In y’alls opinion do regular season wins and losses matter more or less than conference championships? In no specific order, I see the final four being:

  • Alabama (SEC Champ)
  • Penn State (BIG 10 Champ)
  • Undeafted/1 Loss ACC Champ (Miami or Clemson)
  • TCU / Georgia (Theres no way they can put in Notre Dame over Georgia if they’re both 1 Loss and GA won the head to head)
    The real question will be is an undefeated conference champion more important than a team that has 1 Loss to the #1 team in the country.

If Tcu goes undefeated they could still be the odd man out due to the big 12 being down this year. Hopefully my longhorns can play spoiler and end their hopes.

The committee showed last year that they are willing to overlook “conference championships” and h2h results when they chose Ohio State over Penn State despite PSU owning a head-to-head victory and the league title because they believed that OSU’s overall resume was markedly better (for what it’s worth, as a Penn State fan, I did not feel they would have stacked up very well in the playoff and was delighted to watch them in the Rose Bowl instead; however, I was still a little salty at the thought of “A different team in our conference, one that we beat head-to-head en route to our conference title, made the playoff despite our league title and head-to-head result when the committee has listed both of those things as major criteria…why do they even list criteria, then? Just pick whoever you want”)

Bama is a no-doubt choice at this point, even if they slip up and take a loss somewhere, due to their overall dominance. The rest is very hard to tell right now. Ask me again in two or three weeks once we’ve had a few more big conference matchups.

Why do people say that the Big 12 is down just because the big state schools are not winning it? If OU, UT, and OSU or even KSU were 1,2,3 there would be no such talk.

That said we are at a much improved ISU Saturday, then host a much improved Texas the next, then at OU, and at Tech. Tech is always tough there. If we run that gauntlet we probably play the winner of the Bedlam game again at Jerryworld.

I just want to beat ISU Saturday.

On a side note I love baseball and the Purple/White World Series is this week. They just announced the regular schedule.

Oh I hear ya but until the big 12 schools can rack up some wins against the SEC teams the east coast sports writers are never going to include them in the same class.

This is bullshit.

I say this as a pretty serious Big 10 fan: Oklahoma beat Ohio State this year. The Big 12 is not any more “down” than the rest of the P5 (to be honest, I think we’re in a time of relative equality between the Power 5 conferences as a whole). The SEC-as-measuring-stick thing should be dead by now. Florida - sitting at 3-2 in the SEC with a 1-point loss vs LSU and 2-point loss vs Texas A&M - was convincingly handled by Michigan (even with two pick-6’s, they still lost 33-17)…the same Michigan that was just rung up for 42 against Penn State.

Bama is in a class of their own. Georgia looks very, very good this year. Beyond that? The SEC really no different from the other Power 5 conferences. The “SEC will win the national title every year and all SEC teams are better than their peers” days are gone.

Did you miss the 2014 Peach Bowl? Last year TCU was a kicker away from beating Arkansas and UGA. This year TCU went into Fayetville and ran it down Arkansas throats. They beat them playing SEC ball.

While Bama is better than half the NFL and a few of the others like LSU and Auburn are usually quite good the rest of the league are riding their coat tails.

A few years ago Aggie and Mizzou jumped ship to the SEC. They are producing similar results to what they were doing in the Big 12.

Besides, the way the SEC schedule plays out, the best teams don’t often play each other.