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NCAA Basketball 2011


Okay, how is there not a thread on this already? I mean, we're not too far out from March Madness, and I am loving this season. Mostly because BYU is kicking trash. Jimmer is ridiculous.

I don't know how much anyone cares, but this last week has been hilarious at BYU- there was a letter to the editor equivalating our enthusiasm for Jimmer Fredette to idol worship, and well, we had fun with that, and it even made it to ESPN

And the next day all of the letters to the editor were about Jimmer Worship. There are some great comments- basically all of them modified chuck norris jokes or rephrasing scripture to include him.

Anyway, BYU has a good chance this year of making it past the second round in the NCAA tournament... I hope. Who is everyone else going for?


BYU is looking good this year. I hope they make a deep run in the tournament, Jimmer is an exciting player to watch.

I'm a huge Syracuse fan but goddamn have they been brutal to watch these last 8 games. I know the big east is tough but it has been frustrating. We lost our top three players from last year so I knew we were gonna be a bit down. We will see if they can get hot come tourney time (if they make it)

Glad to see Ohio state lose yesterday. Wisconsin's crowd was ridiculous, love when arenas get like that.


Whenever Ohio St. loses, an angel gets its wings.


Jimmer Fredette has made BYU relevant


And helped them get to #7 in the AP poll. WOOHOO!!!


I will be there at the rematch to watch SDSU get some revenge and win the MWC.


I have never been so confident in believing that BYU could make it to the final four. I just worry about the MWC tourney0 we have not had the best of times, even in our best years there.


I dunno though, Jimmer is good but I think Norris Cole or Sullinger will win the AP Player of the year. And I also think BYU and Fredette will sizzle out in the second or third round. Sorry BYUkid maybe the Jazz will go far in the playoffs this year...



Woohoo! BYU beats SDSU, I think that's awesome- we're 4-0 against ranked teams. I see a decent (not great) argument for a #1 seed, especially if we convincingly win the MWCC.

Jimmer POY I think is very likely.


Congrats on the win. What are people saying about Jimmers NBA chances? Hes a crazy good scorer but white guys always have that stigma of not being athletic enough to play in the NBA.


Not sure really, but this video is awesome.


If you guys didnt hear, BYU forward Brandon Davies was kicked off the team for having sex with his girlfriend. In their first game without him, they got blown out at New Mexico.

Hopefully the kid goes to a real school without a bunch of ass backwards rules.

Can't have sex at school, but once you graduate you can have 56 wives. You know, cuz were moral like that


Yeah, sorry we have standards which people are aware of before they come to the school. And sorry you don't know anything about our religion.


BYUkid what rule did that kid break?

That really hurts BYU's chances for a tourney run.

I wonder if the committee is going to dock them like they did Cincinnati when kenyon martin broke his leg.


He knocked up his girlfriend. According the the BYU Honor Code- a document that he signed and agreed to before he came here, he agreed to not have premarital sex.

We have lost a lot of athletes this way because they think they're above the Honor Code, but one thing I'm proud of my university for is losing at the cost of maintaining integrity. We lost Harvey Unga from our football team, and a few other players throughout the years.

I agree, BYU is probably going to tank in the tourney, but I'd rather them do the right thing than win a championship. As hard as that is to say.


Does the Honor Code encompass the entire student body or only the athletes?

It'd have been good to see BYU make a ton of noise in the Tourney to offer Jimmer the opportunity to really display the goods at on a national stage. He's legit.


It covers everyone. I have a few friends who have been kicked out because of violations.