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NCAA Banned Supps


What supplements of Biotest would be banned by the NCAA. I'm consulting a Div. I football player and a Div. I swimmer on nutrition and supplementation. Of course Androsol and Nandrosol are banned. I also know that some colleges banned more than the NCAA. The Div. I football guy's school doesn't allow creatine. How could they even test for that since creatine is in food? Anyway, if someone could help me out that would be great. Supplements I'm considering for them are Methoxy-7, Tribex500 (football), Surge, PowerDrive, MD6, possibly T2 (swimmer), and possibly RiboseC (football). Thanks for any help that is provided.


it is possible that the stimulants in md6 could be banned. Not sure how they could ban creatine, other than if they actually saw you take it.


You will not believe this but the NCAA will not allow Colleges to buy protien supplements for there athletes. Players can buy protien supplements themselves but coaches cannot advise or reccomend a certain protien brand. I guess in the past a coach could buy in bulk discounted protien supplements for there athletes. The NCAA states the unknown dangers of protien supplements are the reason for the ban. I understand water and oxygen are on the list to be banned next year.


don't D1 football players get met-rx protein for free or something?


My brother plays for the Hurricanes and he said the reason for the ban on supplements is that it gives the larger schools with more money an unfair advantage over smaller schools who cannot afford to buy supplements for players. In addition pro-hormons are banned and I am pretty sure ephedra is also not allowed. All other biotest products would be ok to use.


Although I don't know the NCAA rules, I believe they follow IOC guidelines, which I do.

Andro/Nandro are out, as is MD6, due to the ephedra. Some people believe that tribex can cause a false positive on Test levels, but I think that's BS. The others should pose no problem, but continually check the status of the DMAE in PowerDrive, as some idiots are trying to have it restricted.

As for T2, it presents a funny problem. It is not mentioned in IOC docs as T2, but they may use the fact that the IOC looks unfavourably on hormonal treatments in general, which T2 may qualify as.