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NCAA and Supplements

I’m having to go through the banned substances list checking on a few things, and I see that PROTEIN supplements have been banned. How can this be tested for? They have even banned AMINO ACIDS. Why? I’m a bit bewildered at either the stupidity of the committe that bans “performance enhancing substances” or their complete disregard for the health of their athlets. If you don’t find any Amino Acids in my blood then I’d imagine that being a bad thing.

I think that colleges are banned to give out drinks that are over a certain percentage of protein to the players.

I don’t know much though, I live in the UK.


The colleges are banned from distributing these products. I’m an NCAA athlete and take many different supps.


[quote]cardinal25 wrote:
The colleges are banned from distributing these products.[/quote]

The NCAA bans the distribution (by coaches) of products containing over 30% protein to student-athletes. I am not sure of the rationale behind this, but I assume it is because of the dehydrating effect of excess protein.

That’s where the confusion arose for me, as it doesn’t state in the banned list or in any of the rules that I have seen stating that it is illegal for coaches/staff to distribute products to the athletes. The way it read was this is banned, period. I did find it quite odd that they would “ban” amino acids and protein powders. It again would seem that someone got their head stuck up, what shall remain an unnamed orifice, for the millionth time. I really don’t like the NCAA one bit, as they never seem to get it right.

It was a few years back when this came out, but if I remember correctly the percentage of protein was made due to protein being anabolic I think…so basically there are things that are not illegal, but not allowed to be distributed by colleges IF they are “anabolic” in nature…I could be wrong just my two cents from when this all started coming into play. Im not sure what the definition of anabolic was determined to be. Dictionary=Main Entry: anab?o?lism
Pronunciation: &-'na-b&-"li-z&m
Function: noun
Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary ana- + metabolism
: the constructive part of metabolism concerned especially with macromolecular synthesis .