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NCAA and MAG-10

i have a good friend who plays NCAA football. my hypothetical question is basically if he was to take MAG-10 in 2 week cycles, with 4 week breaks, how long would he need to be off in order to pass a test of total testosterone to epi-test ratio of 6:1 which is the NCCA rule? Also, we already know that 4-AD has a fast half life and would be out of the system, so would we need to know the half-life of A1E before determining this question. I think this question may have been addressed before but not with the 6:1 ratio question. Thanks for the help that is provided.

MAG-10 contained 4-AD-EC not 4-AD, so
the 4-AD component also has a half-life
which is probably more than a day.

However, conversion of 4-AD to testosterone
is never large.

I’d think a week would be OK but considering
the stakes, a good thing to do would be
to actually test the matter. Dr Rick Cohen
of Medlean used to offer steroid urinalysis
tests and
perhaps still does.

The A1-E component should be irrelevant since
it is not an item being looked for, nor does
it increase testosterone.