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NBC's Phenomenon


Anybody else watch this show? Last night's episode was very entertaining, including a guy who stopped his heart, a super hot chick who almost stabbed herself with a knife, and a quack who wanted to beat the shit out of Criss Angel. I can't wait for next week!


Other than seeing Criss Angel get his ass kicked, I would rather have someone stomp my balls for an hour than watch "magic" tricks.


Lol, so is that a no?


I caught about 15 minutes of it, I think illusionists are pretty cool, although from what I saw, the show wasn't all that great, the stuff just seemed too easily faked. Illusionists are supposed to make it look impossible to be fake, not the other way around.

Was the guy who wanted to beat up Criss Angel the guy who claimed to contact the dead in order to see what's inside a box? What happened there anyway with Criss Angel, I totally missed it.


I don't know the background story or anything, but it seems Criss Angel has a big problem with people claiming to contact the dead in order to pull off their illusions. Other illusionist on the show made similiar predictions, without "help from the dead", and Criss left them alone.

He told the "paranormalist" he'd give him 1 million dollars if the guy could use the dead guy to guess what was in an evelope Criss was holding. The paranormalist then proceeded to flip out and go after Criss. It could've been staged, but it was still pretty funny. I actually hope he gets voted on to stay, just for the comedy.


I guess here's my problem: This stuff is cool to see in person, but the fact that it is on TV gives them such a "creative" leeway that it defeats the purpose of illusionism. WIth digital editing these days, they can make it look like Colonel Sanders appears out of thin air and gives Carmen Electra a hot carl or something. I just can't take it seriously.