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NBA Trade Talk


I thought I'd start a dedicated thread to trade talks as the time is almost upon us.
It looks like there's some big trades about to happen with all the CP3 talk, plus Howard's potential move to the Lakers. So lets get talking.

Tyson Chandler's move to the Knicks will be good for them, but will hurt the Mavs altering their winning formula, plus Chandler played a big role in the playoffs and finals last season.

There's a lot of talk about Chris Paul's potential trades. One that is almost certain to not go ahead involed the Celtics. Apparently the Celtics were planning to trade Rondo, Jeff Green and a #1 draft pick for Paul, who would be a free agent at the end of the season anyway. Plus why the fuck would you trade a better-passing, worse-shooting PG for a worse-passing, better-shooting PG when you have 3 of the best mid-range, and long-range, shooters in the game with Garnett, Allen and Pierce?


I just want to state that chris paul is far superior to rajon rondo in all aspects of the game. That is all.


THIS. Rondo is about as overrated a player as you'll find. Playing with 3 future HOFer's makes him look A LOT better than he is. I think when it's all said and done Paul winds up a Knick, one way or another.