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NBA Playoffs

Right now, it looks like the Lakers are going all the way in the West.

For the East, it’s tied 2-2 with the Pacers and Pistons.

Who’ll win?


Larry Brown will find a way to get the Pistons shooting better. The series will be over in Detroit on game 6. (I’ve got tickets for that game so I hope they pull it off!!)

They just can’t have another game when Ben and Tayshaun combine for a total of 1 point.

Lakers all way the baby!!, the only threat to them were the Spurs , seeing as the lakers disposed of them with relative comfort, i would be surprised if anyone can stop them now

Even if the Lakers do win the championship, which I am sure they will, they won’t be remembered for the great team they could have been.

They will be remembered for their laziness and frequent no-showing throughout the year.

I only root for them for Karl to get a ring, other than that I feel sorry for them.

For the Pistons, Rasheed Wallace needs a good game.

The Timberwolves don’t have Sam Cassell, which makes their situation pretty bad.

I’m not a fan of any of the teams, but I’d like to see the Pacers beat the Pistons.

Carlisle could get his revenge. Also, neither team will be able to stop Shaq and Kobe.

The Pacers are the better shooting team of the two and may have a better chance against LA. As small as it may be.

Tough one

I would love to see artest harass kobe all around the court but i would also like to see sheed and malone get physical.

Hard to decide what would be better.

NBA, weakest of the 4 majors in my opinion. Couldn’t watch a game if I was paid.

You cant say the NBA is weaker than the NHL, when there might not even be a hockey season next year and nobody cares.

Hockey is by far the weakest. Even the Stanley Cup Finals do not get shown first on Sportscenter. Hockey season comes and goes and people hardly even notice. Nothing against the NHL, but it is far behind baseball as the weakest draw.

Of course, I think the only reason MLB is surviving is it’s season is so long it’s hard to ignore. Plus, the majority of the season is played when no other major sport is played.

Karl Malone is the worst cheapshotter in the playoffs this year. How many technicals have the lakers gotten in the T’Wolves game? Did you see that cheapshot on Derek Martin? I mean why the hell does he deserve a ring? And in one of those games, Flip Saunders(T’Wolves coach) said the refs missed 33 calls that should have gone their way. 33! And if you would have watched that game you would agree. I say it’s all rigged.

don’t hate just cause the mvp’s going home early this year.