NBA Playoffs

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The 16 wins topic made me remember that there is only 3 days left in the NBA season before playoff time.who ya’ll got?Few things in life non sex and lifting related make me happier than seeing the Lakers getting their asses handed to them like they did Sunday.Unfortunatley I still think they are the team to beat come playoff time if for no other reason than if they ever get their ducks in a row like they had a few weeks ago they are the best team in the league.

i got the heat in the east and the grizzlies in the west…

ok no seriously, lakers are just too tough in the playoffs, sacramento looks like crap recently, forget the spurs, and that leaves the t-wolves who i think have a shot.

east is between detroit and indiana…

has to suck for memphis to get a 4 vs 5 lakers match up in the first round

great seasons for denver/utah/miami/memphis, gotta love it.

ok im going out on a limb here, finals is detroit vs t-wolves! anyway i hope someone from the east wins it and breaks this west dominance!

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I know they’re in the East, but I’ve been a Pacers fan since I was five years old(I’m 21 now) and think this is the strongest team that they’ve had during that time period.

The only real threat that they have in the East is in Detroit, but I think over the course of a seven game series and with Indiana having home-court advantage, the Pistons simply aren’t going to be able to keep up.

The Western Conference is certainly stronger than the East, but only one team is going to be able to represent them. The Pacers can match up with any of them, and both times that they barely lost to Sacramento they played without Artest. You also have to factor in that on the Western side, the road to the finals is likely to be very hard fought, and whatever team makes it out alive is most likely going to be extremely beaten up, thus making a Pacers win in the finals even more likely. Could be a little far-fetched, but it’s very possible that this could be Indiana’s year.

Orlando all the way!

lakers all the way… that loss on sunday is exactly what they needed to get fired up… shaq was pissed off today… oh yeah… i cant wait

Its The Kings year! They will finally beat the lakers, but after that we may have trouble.

Hopefully when they play the NBA wont hand the lakers the series, like in game 6 a few years back.


Denver clinched the 8th spot in the West tonight.Quite a turn around…wonder if it will be enough to get the Rookie of the Year for Melo.I’d still give it to Lebron.Melo has a hell of a lot more talent around him,on the other hand Lebron plays in the East,which with the exceptions of Indiana and Detriot looks even weaker than I thought they’d be.

did anyone see that 3pointer by kobe? this is why the lakers will win again… they respond under pressure… i smell another 3peat

Da Spurs Da Spurs Da Spurs Da Spurs Da Spurs Da Spurs

Kings fan still bitching about game 6 couple years back. Unbelievable! Sacto Queens will never win a championship! Lakers all the way!

Give this years MVP some respect too, KG and his crew are definately making a run at it this year.

Seriously game 6? How about game 5 where every Vlade flop had Shaq sitting on the bench in foul trouble. I’m so sick of Vlade bitching his way to the free throw line. Not to mention the fact that the entire Kings team choked and threw up bricks with the clock ticking down.

The wheels have come completely off the Kings bus this year too, giving away the Pacific Division.

That said, the Lakers play horrible perimiter defense and Shaq is no where near as dominate as he used to be. Add in the effects of the zone defense (put in specifically to control Shaq) and the Laker advantage has been greatly reduced. Not to mention the fact that Payton refuses to play within the offense, Malone just twisted his ankle, and Fox has thumb problems.

T-wolves have a decent shot and are the hot pick right now. Spurs are the defending champs until someone proves otherwise. Frankly the west is not looking really strong right now and it is completely wide open. A Houston upset over the Lakers could easily happen. So can a first round upset of Sacramento the way the Kings have been playing.