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NBA Playoffs - 2018


It’s that time of year! Meant to make this thread Friday but never got around to it.

Some good matchups this year!

Round 1:

Toronto and Washington
Boston and Milwaukee
Philly and Miami
Cleveland and Indiana

Houston and Minnesota
Golden State and San Antonio
Portland and New Orleans
Utah and OKC

Some general thought:

-I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wiz foiled the Raptors in the first round. I don’t think it’ll happen, but I also won’t be shocked.
-LeBron v. Lance Stephenson is my favorite story line forever and always
-OKC will under perform like they have all season
-Rockets won’t get it done despite their dominant season

Some homer thoughts:

-I think the C’s can get it done vs. the Bucks, but Giannas could take control of this series
-This years team is better than last years but won’t make it as far (even with injuries)

Saw a chunk of each of last nights games, some pretty good action. Lot’s of good stuff to come, I think this year will be way more enjoyable than last.

@ActivitiesGuy what will happen to Philly if the 6er’s pull off the improbable?


I was REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping Kawhi was just waiting for the playoffs to come back. He’s such a weird cat.


Why wasn’t Lebron guarding Oladipo yesterday? I don’t follow the Cavs enough to understand their thinking.


Yeah something is fishy there, wonder what the real story is.

My best guess is that they don’t want him using more energy than he needs to on that end this early in the playoffs. I’m sure they’ll bounce back and be more competitive on both ends next game, but we probably won’t see LeBron matching up and trying to shut Vic down unless the series gets out of hand early,